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War With China?

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Donahue Sees America
Losing War With China

Remote Viewer Aaron C. Donahue says he sees the United States losing a fierce nuclear and chemical war with China.

Donahue, a trained instructor at TRV Institute and perhaps the most advanced remote viewer in the world, recently looked at the next great world war and its implications on America. His data, which was posted last week on his web site
is shocking.

The drawing is an upside-down map of the United States that shows a string of nuclear bomb strikes beginning in Los Angeles, in Southern California and crossing the United States on almost a direct line to New York City.

The map also shows other bomb hits along the West Coast, mostly in Alaska. The bombs apparently trigger a number of catastrophic earthquakes along the faults, that cause a large section of the West Coast to separate from the mainland and drop off into the sea.

While the map doesn't show it, Donahue notes in his comments that he also sees a ground assault by Chinese soldiers all along the East Coast, from New York south to the Gulf of Mexico. In the end, after millions of people are killed, the United States will surrender to      the Chinese, Donahue warns.

He writes:

"Looking over the United States . . . a diagonal pattern of fire and smoke begins within the (Los Angeles) area of Southern California, off-shore." He said "atmospheric explosions are noted, extending into random areas first of Colorado and the Wyoming area as well as Utah," Donahue said.

He notes that the states of Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico seem to escape the bombing. The more secure areas during the bomb attacks appear to be New Mexico, and the fresh water areas under Arizona and Michigan.

"Random bombing is seen . . . in a diagonal Northeastern direction from Southern California (toward New York). New York is destroyed as amphibious teams of Chinese soldiers storm and Eastern and Southeastern shore line, including Florida and the Gulf of Mexico."

Donahue said he does not see biological weapons, "although nerve gas toxins are widely used" during the invasion from the east.

That the United States is fighting back is indicated by this observation: "Submarines are seen in large numbers although most are destroyed lying under the water, immobile." Donahue also states that "The Republic of China suffers great losses within and most noticeably from without the mainland."

The United States, however, is devastated by the bombing assault it sustains. Donahue writes: "A noticeable change in magnitude and scale of bombing occurs upon the destruction of New York City at first within the Baja area, California, and extending South into Mexico. These bombs are very large with a radius according to that known of the Russian SST missile system. Another bomb of similar magnitude strikes an area within Alaska several times at once again suggesting the idea of something like the combined warhead missile payload of the aforementioned SST."

The bombing along the West Coast causes other catastrophic events to occur, Donahue warns. "California is seen dividing and falling off into the ocean at first in small coast sections and then splitting in two central sections sliding further under the ocean. It seems to be related to the bombing of key areas of stress north and south of California. This along with other data suggests the idea of geothermal warfare and is highly effective.

"I believe that some exotic technology accompanies the strategically placed bombs. There are antenna arrays in grid like patterns within undisclosed locations. Lasers are seen. Ships and Aircraft are also seen as well as small armaments," he said.

He said: "Chemical toxins and similar caustic materials are used in smaller amounts as compared to the effectiveness and use of nerve gas toxins.

"The Chinese military overruns the United States shortly after a massive bombing campaign along with a highly successful geothermal assault concerning the Western coast that devastates California. Atmospheric nuclear weapons disable communications and some solid state systems. The effective jamming of U.S. satellite networks as well as other forms of guided communication systems are seen.

"Many Americans are killed prior to total surrender to the Chinese. There is another factor involved in this war that will not be explained," Donahue warns.

All remote viewings of future events are not conclusive. Donahue and Major Edward Dames, the director of TRV Institute, have explained that a remote viewer only looks at possible events based upon the direction the world is moving at the time of the remote viewing session.

If the warning is heeded, and leaders take a different path, the outcome can be radically altered. The United States does not have to lose this war. In fact, if certain actions are taken, the war might be avoided.

That a choice is involved is clear in Donahue's final conclusion: The United States will loose a war IF it directly engages China. The war will be a full nuclear exchange that may involve the hydrogen bomb and other technologies."

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