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Bush (Business) Controlled America Perceived As The Great Terrorist
If the Bush Administration really wants to stop terrorist attacks against America, it should make an honest attempt to see the United States in the eyes of the rest of the world.
We are not very well liked.
Since taking office in early 2001, George W. Bush has succeeded in portraying himself as a bully to the world. Following the attacks of 911, he seems to have been given free license by a silent nation to send American armies off on aggressive attacks in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He has threatened Syria, Iran and North Korea. His latest adventure peers down a gun barrel at the dictator of Liberia.
Mr. Bush can do these things because he his hands on the most powerful weapons in the world. Other than dedicated terrorists, willing to sacrifice themselves for a cause, there does not appear to be another country that can, or will, stand up to the United States military.
A recent disclosure by the Guardian of London suggests that there may be no end to this president's quest for power.
According to that news outlet, the Pentagon is planning a new generation of weapons capable of striking anywhere in the world from space. And that should be troubling news to the world.
The story by Julian Borger, the Guardian's Washington correspondent, said the new weapons, code named FALCON (Force Application and Launch from the Continental US), would allow the United States to strike any target in the world at the push of a button.
Borger quotes Jane's Defense Weekly as saying the first flight tests could occur within the next three years.
The plan calls for a reusable hypersonic and unmanned cruise vehicle (HCV) capable of taking off from a conventional military runway and striking targets up to 9,000 miles away in less than two hours.
The story said FALCON would "free the US military from reliance on forward basing to enable it to reach promptly and decisively to destabilizing or threatening actions by hostile countries and terrorist organizations," according to a document seeking bids for contracts.
The unmanned HCV would carry a payload of up to 12,000 lbs. and fly at speeds of up to 10 times the speed of sound. This, however, would be the ultimate weapon. Some believe the technological problems of propelling a warhead of that size and those speeds would take up to 20 years to develop.
Within seven years, however, the US Air Force may develop a cheaper "global reach" weapons system that would rely on expendable rocket boosters that would take a warhead into space and drop it over any target.
Known as a Common Aero Vehicle (CAV), this would be an powerless bomb that could be guided to its target as it plunges to earth. It could carry up to 1,000 pounds of explosives. But even without the explosives, a simple titanium rod could penetrate 70 feet of solid rock and the shock wave would have great destructive force, the story said.
Imagine, if you will, how people around the world feel about a bully super-power like the United States. Any nation that will attack a smaller country like Iraq, without provocation, and against the counsel of the rest of the world, has to be considered dangerous.
Someone, somewhere, must be regarding us as a cancer that has to be stopped. It would not surprise me if a plan for surgery is already in the making.
Ambitions like those of Mr. Bush, the commercial interests that drive him, and his military advisors may well be spurring plots to attack and destroy the United States.

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