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A New World Controlled By Men
There is something troubling happening this summer on Aaron C. Donahue's web site: Aaron issued a call for Luciferians, or people seeking the truth of human Luciferian origins through remote viewing and spiritual study. Out of the hundreds of letters of interest received, there is only a handful of women.
Aaron is calling a gathering of people willing to learn his secrets. He hopes to prepare a select number to reach a state of resonance.
His call is "gender limited and available only to those proven to be of Luciferian ideals, principles, and background." Yet he says this is "an open invitation to learn the acquisition and practical application of non-historical data."
"That he describes his invitation as "gender limited" does not mean that women are excluded. In fact, Aaron says he is looking for a select number of women to play a key role in the spiritual and social structure of the New Aeon.
There seems to be no shortage of awake men who express not only an interest, but a personal conviction for involvement. The concern: where are the women? This may be their chance to assume the decisive place of leadership they have long fought for, and they are ignoring the call.
It was never intended that men rule the world. Nor was it the place of women to do so. The new order of Horus would seek a balance, where people of both sexes enjoy equality in all things.
But if the women fail to step forward at this important time in history, there is a real and ominous threat of extinction.
Indeed, there are strong hints in the news that the physical bodies, and the lonely x chromosome within women, are no longer needed to propagate the species. It is scientifically possible for men, who possess both the x and y chromosomes, to produce children without the help of women. The Japanese have already created an artificial womb that can make this possible, at least for animals. Certainly it will work for humans.
There is suspicion that the female of the human species is unique to this planet.
Those who know how to leave their bodies and travel in sub-space, among the other life forms in our universe, have noticed a lack of division of sexes there. Although highly populated, every entity encountered lacks any particular sexual characteristics at all.
A recent article in a scientific journal said a Madrid laboratory was able to remove immature ovaries from four-month-old fetuses. Their theory is that these ovaries can be stimulated in the test tube to go through the later stages of development before the creation of fully mature eggs. The work implies the strange possibility of creating children whose biological mothers were never born.
The amazing research in human fertilization and the genetic pool seems to suggest that some scientists are subconsciously driven to find ways of replicating the human race without the help of women. It is as if they understand a need for this knowledge in the near future.
Why are the women turning their back on reality at this critical time? Do they also have a subconscious knowledge that it is time for them to go? Is the Luciferian experiment with the female gender now written off as a failure?
Aaron warns:
"When resources are limited, men take over and women die. This is also the condition of war. There exists today the technology to replicate without woman.
"Why am I telling you this?
"The answer is that as our ecosystem continues to collapse, resources will become extremely limited. Man will then replace man with technology due to the extreme conservation of resources. Woman will die in large numbers along with their children.
"This explains the extreme importance of the primary 11 women within the Order of Lucifer," he wrote.
The bottom line: wake up women. Stop wasting your time shopping at the mall for shoes. Get involved in the Great Work. For you the consequences are especially dire. 

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