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More Proof Of Advanced Ancient Civilizations
You don't have to dig deep to find the anomalies that lie in the dirt. They can be found all over the Earth.
There are caves filled with art that could only have been done with the help of artificial light. We find Rock carvings depicting humans riding on machines that fly through the sky. There is mythology about powerful gods that dropped out of the sky and lived with humans.
And then there are objects, skeletal remains, strange carved caverns, and other things found deep in the rock that, if the historical record is accurate, just don't belong there.
Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson published Forbidden Archaeology, The Hidden History of the Human Race in 1999 that lists discoveries over the last two centuries that the authors claim were concealed by the Christian church because they conflicted with Biblical teachings.
J.H.Brennan, in yet another book: Time Travel: A New Perspective, adds even more mystery discoveries reported in numerous prestigious publications.
Even science skeptic Arthur C. Clarke had to admit in his book, Mysterious World, that while some old mysteries have been solved by scientific discovery over time, other mysteries exist that remain unsolved.
I have noticed that the mystery objects suggesting ancient and advanced civilizations that exist on the surface of the earth are all large and carved from stone. They seem to be the only things that could survive nuclear warfare, solar flares, extreme temperature changes, volcanic upheaval and other calamities large enough to send civilizations back into a cave existence.
Stonehenge, the great pyramids and the giant balls of Costa Rica are among some of the best examples of what I am writing about. Also there are some vitrified or "melted rock" remains of what once seemed to be ancient structures, walls or forts, and silicone particles from melted sand, both suggesting extreme heat from nuclear explosions. These kinds of things are about all that we can find on the planet's surface showing proof of early human refinement.
The miners, however, have walked out of their caves with a variety of interesting objects, still partly buried in rock, that defy accepted history:
 --Polished concrete bricks were discovered in 1928 in a mine near Heavener, Oklahoma. Investigation revealed a 150-yard long wall. From the depth, it was estimated that the wall was built about 286 million years ago.
 --From a coal mine in Wilburton, Oklahoma, came a barrel-shaped block of solid silver with prints of staves embedded in it. Also found there was an iron pot, discovered in 1912. The depth from which these objects were found suggests they might have been buried there at least 260 million years ago.
 --A metal nail was found in 1844 at Kingoodie Quarrie, Scotland, completely encased in a block of sandstone dated in the Devonian period, 360 to 408 million years ago.
 --The famous Baghdad Battery, an earthenware jar found in the National Museum of Iraq, was discovered at Khujut Rabu, near Baghdad. The battery, first identified and possibly discovered by German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig in 1938, is believed to be about 2,000 years old. The clay shell contains an iron rod surrounded by a copper cylinder. The jar is sealed by an asphalt stopper.
 --A portion of a fossilized human skull was unearthed from a layer of gravel 130 feet under ground in a California gold mine in 1866. Dubbed the Calaveras Skull, the piece was removed at Bald Hill near Angels Creek.
These things and so many more like them are clear signs that the history of this planet is extremely ancient, and that intelligent life . . . whether human or alien . . . walked its surface and built magnificent cities.
That there is no record of these past experiences, and that the artifacts left by these people are but particles of rubble to be found deep in the strata of the planet, is an indication that whoever was here, blundered. It was all destroyed.
That we have overpopulated the world, destroyed its delicate ecological system so that the ground, air and seas are so polluted they can no longer support life, and that we are now on the verge of a world nuclear war, should be a clear sign that it is happening again.
My fear is that we have been down this road before and didn't learn from our earlier experience.

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