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The Human Race Is 
About To Lose Its Soul
Most people believe in the human soul. It is thought of as a unique spark in every individual that links us to our creator.
Some people believe the soul is human consciousness, although I personally think that is incorrect. There are people living today that have no souls, but they have consciousness. The difference seems to be a dull glaze in the eyes, and a lack of personal light, or aura. I am not sure why they exist among us, due to the new information revealed on Aaron C. Donahue's web site at www:// It may be because they are possessed by other energies that have forced the soul out of the body.
The Gnostics believe each person's soul is a piece of the whole, which we identify as God. They also believe that personal souls have the capacity to make several journeys through human experiences on this planet, returning over and over again in new bodies. Each trip is a learning and growing experience for the individual. The older souls are wise. They bring with them all of the knowledge gained in earlier life times, although it is usually buried in subconscious memory until needed.
It is a process that has continued on this planet for thousands of years.
Most world religions have similar beliefs about the human soul, although few of them accept the concept of reincarnation, or return visits. Most believe the soul lives forever, and that there is a system of reward and punishment in an afterlife awaiting a conscious soul following human death.
But Donahue, in a recent remote viewing session, made a startling discovery about this. He writes on his web site:
"The earth is an organism that can die and if it dies, we loose our soul. The idea that we shall live forever beyond the body no matter what we do now is false. There is only one soul and we all share it. The earth generates the soul and our spirit facilitates its transmission via the human psyche, brain, and sex."
If Donahue is correct our reckless destruction of our planet now threatens not only the human race, but our souls with extinction.
How can this be? Donahue explains:
"The entire purpose of this human and earth relationship was designed by other intelligences that require the transmission of historical and non-historical data within our dimension. We were created to view the Universe in such a way that the Universe might see itself."
Do you get the spin here? Remember that verse in the Book of Genesis that says God created us in his own image? The story here is that a powerful intelligence made this solar system, put us on this planet, and planted a piece of its own energy in us so that we might become the eyes, ears, and sensory receptacles of this deity.
The ancient Gnostic belief that the Earth is a living organism for humans to protect and care for is therefore quite true. Our decision about 200 years ago to develop industry and exploit the planet for financial profit led to our swift destruction.
Donahue goes on:
"The earth had been designed to maintain approximately ten billion people who in turn would tend to a very delicate ecosystem. The advent of ten billion spiritually advanced brains could have ushered in a fantastic change in the way we might understand the Universe and perhaps beyond. It is interesting to note that human consciousness requires the simultaneous firing of approximately ten billion neurons."
Because of our greed and our lust for materialism, our willingness to make war and  failure to gain true spiritual growth, we will never reach this state.
"Human population will not reach ten billion due to present day global environmental problems," Donahue wrote. "The earth is now dying and it is beyond repair.

 Our future is grim. The current social, economic and spiritual climate is a clear sign of the end. Donahue concludes:
"Now every known social institution world wide is failing. Child abductions and murder are becoming commonplace. Extreme aberrant human and animal behaviors such as unprovoked attacks and killings are also becoming commonplace.
"Dwindling natural resources may be one factor but not as important as the idea of total human extinction and the loss of our soul. The idea of this is incomprehensible representing the ultimate fear that will in the near future inspire mass panic and indescribable madness."

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