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The Death Of Marty And Antony

The Last Human Is Living Today
By James Donahue
When I write about the environmental crisis sweeping our dying planet, and give forecasts of the looming extinction of the human race, I can usually expect hate mail.
People don't want to hear this. If I speak of it with friends and acquaintances, they go out of their way to shut their eyes and ears to the message. In 2000 the people in the United States elected an environmental terrorist as their president. This year, 2002, they reinforced environmental terrorism by giving George W. Bush a solid Republican-packed House and Senate to rubber-stamp every erroneous deed this president wants to accomplish. That includes starting war.
Since coming to power Mr. Bush has stopped government legal action against coal fired power plants violating the environmental clean air act. He has moved to reopen logging and oil drilling on protected government lands. He backed out of the Kyoto protocol international clean air pact forged in Japan in 1997. In fact, I can think of few acts by former presidents to preserve the environment that have not been reversed by executive order since Mr. Bush took office.
He has done it all under the guise of assisting big business interests and stimulating financial growth. In other words, for money.
Even now, as yet another El-Nino heats the Pacific Ocean generating disastrous storms, floods and droughts across the land, people are going about their daily lives as if all of this is normal. But then the government-controlled television news tells them it is normal. The people even dare to spend their summers lying in the deadly rays of a killer sun, thinking that tanned look is still healthy. That the North and South Poles are showing signs of speedy melt-downs seems to be of little concern.
The people ignore the warnings not only by writers like myself (we are labeled radical), but distinguished scholars like Stephen Hawking, professor of mathematics and physics at Cambridge University, and Viktor Danilov-Danilyan, leader of the Russian Ecological Union, who warn of the consequences of global warming that is out of control.
They continue to buy big gas-guzzling sports utility vans, burn extra electric energy generated by coal burning power plants, and support a push by big industry to continue stripping the planet of all available resources, including fresh water and clean air. Our soils have been so heavily farmed and polluted with chemicals our food is becoming dangerous. The development of genetically modified crops is setting the stage for yet another destruction of the food chain that we once enjoyed.
Many readers of this column poke fun at any suggestion that humans may be possessed by alien angelic energies that are out to destroy the human race.
But how else can you explain what is happening? How do you explain the human indifference? How do you explain the total dependence on a godlike "savior" expected to return and fly "believers" into the clouds at the last moment? If ever there was a radical idea, consider that one for a moment.
Our planet is clearly dying. In fact, the ecological collapse is happening so fast that most humans alive today will perish from the impact of the death rattles of the Earth, rather than from any other reason.
They will die from poisoned food and water. They will die from malnutrition, or no food at all. They will die from skin cancers and other cancers brought on by a radioactive sun and other anomalies occurring on this planet. They will die from conventional, germ and chemical warfare. They will die from great storms. They will perish in earthquakes, floods and volcanic activity. Many will commit suicide.
Psychic and remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue says he recently examined the death of the last human on the planet. Her picture appears at the top of this page. Her name is Marty and she is a young girl living in Italy at this moment.
At the time of Aaron's TRV drawing, Marty is the last living human on the planet. She stands beside her dead son, whose name is Antony. At her feet are canisters, which appear to be depleted oxygen containers. Notice overhead the swirls of dust and/or fumes and a black sun.
Donahue notes that the chest cavities of both the mother and son appear to be enlarged, like those of emphysema sufferers. It is clear that the polluted air is so depleted of oxygen that Marty cannot get a good breath.
This picture and a brief dialog now appears on Aaron's web site at www:// Those who visit the site should be prepared for other shocking information about the future. What Aaron sees is not pretty.
He describes the world at this time: "Flies fill the air in some areas to the extent that sunlight is temporarily blocked. Molds and other forms of fungi cover most of the decaying matter where forests and cities once stood. Insects control most of the landscape worldwide.
"The oceans are dead apart from plankton and other human related organisms farmed or grown for food and oxygen near the surface. Small colonies of young humans are seen dying of asphyxiation, infectious diseases, and suicide along ocean shores. No humans are living inland or under the earth in tunnels.
"Ice and year long cold temperatures cover most of Europe, Asia, North America, Russia, and other northern parts of the world," Donahue writes.
If you want a timeline for this event consider this. Marty is currently a young girl, somewhere around the age of puberty. That would place her at about age 12. By the time she is 22, within the next 10 years, it would be possible for her to have a child. The boy lying on the table appears to be no more than 10 or 12. Thus this could be an event that will happen within the next 20 years!
And since Marty is the LAST surviving human, it means that the rest of us won't live this long. Our days are numbered.
Notice that the woman looks directly at the remote viewer. It is as if she knows she is being observed by someone in the past.
Donahue writes of his personal feelings while looking at this scene: "I could feel this woman plead with me as I remote viewed her at the moment of death.
"Now she pleads with you."

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