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Is This The End Of The World?
The soothsayers have been warning us for years that "the end is near."
They aren't the old cartoon images of bearded robed crazed-looking men carrying signs on city streets. We have been hearing it from a variety of places, ranging from the pulpit of Christian churches to the prophetic stories by indigenous tribesmen in remote parts of the world.
As one writer put it: "The Maya are counting down to the end of the Fifth Age; evangelical Christians eagerly await the Rapture; the Hopi say we are living on borrowed time at the end of the Fourth World; and the Kaogi people of Mexico's Sierra Madre jungles have stopped spinning wool and weaving cloth in light of the impending catastrophe. Prophets from Nostradamus to Edgar Cayce, channelers from Madame Blavatsky to J. Z. Knight, have foreseen everything from polar shifts to cataclysmic earthquakes, from the resurfacing of Atlantis to the sinking of the Americas, all in the very near future."
As we watch the catastrophic effects of global warming, the dramatic weather changes, the terrible forest fires, floods, fierce storms and intense heat, we worry. As we hear warnings of possible polar shifts, solar flares, and even a looming collision by a stray asteroid, there is a growing feeling of uneasiness among the people of this overpopulated world that the end of everything, at least as we have known it, is upon us.
After all, the Christian church has preached an "end-times" prophetic event involving the return of the god-man Jesus, for 2000 years. Believers find it easy to accept the stories because they welcome their confrontation with their so-called "savior," just as much as the suicide Moslem bomber looks forward to his special reward for martyrdom. (Unfortunately, both will be quite surprised when they learn the truth, but by then, it will be too late.)
So what is happening to us?
The answer should not come as a surprise. Humans are the problem. We have overpopulated our planet, and we are refusing to do anything about this critical problem.
Consequently we are quickly using up all of the planet's natural resources. We are using fossil fuels to power our cars, run our factories and heat our homes so we have polluted our air. We have cut down our oxygen generating forests to make paper, build houses and open new farmland so we are running out of oxygen. We have polluted our lakes and oceans so life in these great bodies of water is dying. And we are wasting what little fresh water we have left.
A recent report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) warns that the human race has plundered the planet that has outstripped its capacity to support life. The report claims that more than a third of the natural world has been destroyed by humans in the past 30 years and warns that we either make dramatic reductions in consumption rates or plan to start colonizing other planets very soon.
From the exploration we have done in our own solar system, it is clear that colonizing of either the Moon, or Mars, will not be easy, if even possible.
It will not be long before we will be warring over the last remaining land, food, fuel and water on the planet.
Psychic and remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue says we will be gathering along the oceans just to breathe the oxygen still being generated by plankton. The air inland will be too toxic for life. We will be killing one another over what meager scraps of food are left among us.
After this brief episode, we will be gone. Life on this planet will be slowly snuffed away. The last to go will be the bacteria, mold, fungus, flies and other insects that can live in a toxic environment.
It will not be a pole shift. It will not be a collision with a stray asteroid that kills us. It will be our own stupidity; our blindness brought on by complex religious belief systems that made us think an external god was going to fix everything once we made a mess of things.
We forgot that we were the extension of the great energy that placed us here. We forgot that we were assigned to be the stewards of this planet, to guard and protect it. We forgot that we have been down this road in times past and obviously made the same mistakes.
The angelic spirits did a good job of blinding the human race and turning us into a world of lemmings. We blindly marched to the edge of the cliff and are now in the process of toppling into the sea. Right on cue.
Will the human race get another chance?
There is a slim hope for a select few. But it won't be a Jesusmobile. Nobody gets a free ride.

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