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America's Resolve Crumbling

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America's Resolve
May Be Crumbling

For a few brief weeks, the appalling events of September 11 shocked Americans to stop their internal conflict. It was unusual to see us all
united for a change. We even stood collectively behind newly elected President George W. Bush who, perhaps because of the way in which he took the office, seemed to be struggling with his role as a national and international leader.

Remember the spirit of nationalism that swept the nation? People spent those first weeks giving blood, raising money to help the victims of the New York City attack, posting patriotic bumper stickers, flying flags on their front porches, and proclaiming a willingness to go to war. A newspaper campaign to find out if Mr. Bush really won the Florida presidential election was stopped in its tracks.

Now only weeks after our government declared war on suspected terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and a radical Moslem cult called the Taliban in Afghanistan, there are ominous signs that our resolve is beginning to break.

You don't have to look hard to find the cracks. World leaders, once in sympathetic purpose to help us fight world terrorism, are speaking out against the bombing campaign. Conspiracy theories
are being boldly discussed on a variety of Internet sites. Anti-war groups are getting organized even within the United States. Some believe the mailed anthrax letters are originating from radicals living within our own borders.

On Halloween night, a group calling itself the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense gained prime television time on C-Span. The speakers, led by
Mallk Shabazz, a young black man with fierce eyes and dressed in a black military-style uniform, proclaimed America the real world terrorist and denounced President Bush as a pawn of big business. The speakers said America's real interest in Afghanistan and the Middle East is oil. They accused the Israelis of bombing our buildings to draw us into a conflict they could not win on their own.

While their rhetoric is harsh, some of the questions they raise demand answers.

While Mr. Bush says our government has proof that Taliban leader Osama bin Laden was the mastermind behind the bombing, we have never been shown this proof. Even the Taliban leaders, who say they would negotiate for peace if we prove bin Laden did this thing, have been denied access to this information. If we, indeed, possess such proof, why would it be damaging to the nation's national security to make it public?

As our bombing campaign continues the
conspiracy theories grow. And why should we not expect it? After all, we are now being asked to put our trust in the same government that turned its guns against its own people at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

This is the government that led us into Vietnam and Korea, wars we were never supposed to win. If you remember, Harry
Truman fired General Douglas MacArthur because MacArthur defied a presidential order and turned the tables on the North Koreans and nearly drove them north into China.  A presidential order stopped him at the infamous 38th Parallel, where the two countries still glare at one another even today over gun barrels.

It is the government that let the Japanese destroy our rusty Naval fleet at
Pearl Harbor, killing nearly 3,000 innocent service men and women, so Roosevelt could persuade a reluctant nation to go to war. Why should we trust it this time?

Many Americans have expressed alarm at the rapidity with which the Bush Administration has clamped down on our
liberties. The new
Anti-Terrorism Act, pushed into law within weeks, gives federal authorities and local police unprecedented powers to look into our private lives without our consent, or even the consent of a judge. They can now read our e-mail, our fax messages, tap our telephone calls and even examine medical, tax and educational records without our knowing it. So-call suspicious people are being arrested and held in jail for months without formal charges or access to legal counsel. A controversial directive by Attorney General John Ashcroft even allows authorities to tap telephone conversations between lawyers and their clients.

Secrecy in government has gone to new levels. President Bush recently signed an executive order prohibiting the release of presidential papers that go back to the Reagan years. By law, these papers used to become public record within 12 years after a president leaves office.

Even though we are supposed to be at war in Afghanistan, reporters are not allowed near the battlefield. Daily press briefings produce very little information, other than reports by military personnel as to how well the campaign is going. Reports by some news outlets of casualties in brief ground skirmishes and shot-down helicopters are denied.

These are not healthy signs in a democratic society that proclaims itself to be a republic.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is spending much of his time now answering hard questions by news reporters about a war that, to date, has mostly been a bombing campaign against a country that was already bombed back into the stone age by the Russians. Some people are beginning to question the wisdom of this. While the Russians say they support our war effort, they will not sent ground troops. President Vladimir Putin said in his interview with CNN's Barbara Walters that it would be comparable to our sending troops back to Vietnam. They could not win their 10-year war in Afghanistan and they will not try a second time.

We are watching growing unrest among the neighboring Islamic people who are beginning to speak out in defense of the Taliban. Thousands of Taliban supporters recently crossed the border from Pakistan, armed with guns, swords and pitchforks in a public show of support for Osama bin Laden, whom they regard as a holy man. To them he must appear like the Biblical David, attempting to topple the evil giant with a slingshot.

Even the Chinese government seems to be leaning on the side of the Taliban regime. A new video has been released in China that glorifies the attack on imperialist America. There are reports by the international press that China is sending supplies and even manpower to support the Taliban's war effort.

Where do I stand in all of this?

I am old enough to remember the dark days of World War II, Korea and Vietnam, when many of our finest young men were coming home in body bags. I understand the ultimate sacrifice many families paid to for freedoms we have enjoyed. And I was as shocked and saddened by the evil Sept. 11 attack on this country as everybody else.

My first reaction, like that of the others, was to find the perpetrators of that terrible deed and strike back. But when we struck, I wanted to be very sure we knew the real enemy and that we were not being led into a
trap by a fundamental Christian president who believes in an apocalypse. That form of religious zealotry could be just as evil as the kind that persuaded those 15 hijackers to fly those airliners into buildings.

What bothered me was that, unlike most other terrorist attacks around the world, no group or spokesperson for an organization boasted that they were the ones who attacked America. Other than the fact that we were eventually shown pictures of a band of 15 Middle Eastern looking young men who we were told carried out the attack, the origin of this deed continues to be a mystery. Most of the accused attackers were from Saudi Arabia, not Afghanistan.

That the names of the Middle Eastern looking hijackers pictured on our television screens don't match the
names of the passengers and crew members of those four doomed planes, as listed on the Internet, has not seemed to been an issue. It bothers me. I have to wonder if these men were really on those airplanes. Did they use assumed names when they bought their tickets? If they knew they were going to die, why would they think it necessary?

As we watch the military pictures of our bombing campaign over Afghanistan each night on our television screens, there is a nagging question in my mind. Are these really the guilty ones? Are we now terrorizing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in that impoverished country because some unknown group brought the concept of terrorism to our soil? What is really happening to the Afghanistan people?

I have a small advantage over the other people in America. My son, Aaron C. Donahue, is a natural psychic and a highly trained remote viewer. He other remote viewers have determined that the plot to attack
America was hatched in bunkers, located under Ahmad Shah Durrani's Tomb, in Kandahar, Afganistan. That information is the best assurance I have that America is probably going after the correct target.

Our military's failure to utilize Aaron to sniff out the real culprits and take care of this incident in a swift and deadly move, may have inadvertently launched a third world war. What many of our leaders probably thought would be another attack on a small military force, incapable of fighting back against modern military technology, may be escalating into something much larger.

The blacks seem to be banding together with Islamic fundamental groups in a growing sentiment against the United States. A radical Islamic group, supportive of the Taliban, is threatening the government of Indonesia. The great Republic of China is also showing signs of getting involved. Our continued air strikes against a people that cannot shoot back are deemed as evil as the attack we suffered on Sept. 11. The world shock and sentiment that once was in our favor, is quickly dissipating.

What seems to be developing is a struggle between the white race and all of the other races of the world. Did we not see this same theme when Hitler rose to power in Germany less than a century ago?

This never had to happen.

But now that the dogs of war have been unleashed, it is too late to turn back.

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