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Why Is FBI/CIA Ignoring
TRV Solutions To
The American Dilemma?

Within two days after the loathsome events of September 11, Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue, working with a remote viewing team, posted maps and data on at least two 
web sites showing that the attack was planned in an "underground command and control bunker complex" below Ahmad Shah Durrani's Tomb in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

The information was posted on Aaron C. Donahue's personal web site at
www:// and reportedly passed by the Matrix Intelligence Agency, operated Donahue's former instructor, through official channels to the United States Special Operations Command, McDill Airforce Base, Florida. 

The drawings by Donahue not only solved the riddle of where the attack was planned, but gave our government a road map to the very place where Osama bin Laden, the accused ringleader of the al-Quida terrorist organization, could be found.

If people in high places would have followed through on this information, which turned out to be incredibly accurate, we might have avoided launching the war of bombs and bullets that ravaged Afghanistan. Instead, a special operations team could have been used to stage a quick raid of the al-Quida bunker, close it down, and with any luck, arrest bin-Laden and the other plotters of the attack.

Instead of doing what was right, President George W. Bush declared a foolish war against the entire concept of terrorism, which, in effect, was a declaration of war against every country found to be harboring a terrorist organization within its borders. He did it without an act of Congress, which makes it questionable whether we are involved in a real war at all.
That we conducted a ruthless bombing of Afghanistan, allowing the Northern Alliance to topple the ruling Taliban, failed to accomplish our objective, which was supposed to be to avenge the mass murder of an estimated 3,000 people on September 11. To date, bin Laden and the other leaders of the al-Quida network have disappeared into the shadows.

Other work by Donahue after the attack was to remote view the next planned terrorist attack against the United States. Aaron posted this information on his web site, and one viewer made a personal appearance on the Art Bell night radio talk show to make sure people knew what they learned. It involved a plan to drive a bomb-laden truck into a California nuclear power plant. Fortunately a California FBI agent picked up on this, conducted an investigation, and stopped this attack before it happened. There was no mention of it in the media, although Donahue received a letter of appreciation from the FBI.

Most recently, Donahue worked to solve the puzzle of the anthrax letters. He determined that the letters were being sent by an employee of a agricultural college at a university in Pennsylvania. The maps and drawings posted
on Donahue's web site not only show how and where the anthrax tainted letters were prepared, but include a detailed drawing of the house in which they were prepared. To date, there has been no indication by the FBI or any other government agency that this research has been taken seriously.

There have been numerous stories issued recently about how the CIA and the U. S. Military are turning to psychics and remote viewers for help in the war effort. The stories name various people who received their remote viewing training from other schools. These schools teach the old remote viewing techniques developed by the military during the days of the Stargate program, which produce data with an accuracy rate of about 70 percent.

Donahue, who spent five years learning how to perfect the remote viewing protocol to improve the accuracy level to 100 percent, seems to be purposefully ignored. Donahue is so good at this skill he professes to see numbers, something no other remote viewer has ever achieved.

Something is wrong with this picture. Is it because these men can see the truth behind what is going on? Is it because they are offering alternative, but politically inconvenient solutions to solving the issue of world terrorism?

With a remote viewer this good, there are no secrets. Perhaps certain people in our government are uncomfortable with this.

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