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Marijuana Proclaimed
A Wonder Drug

Proponents of the use of marijuana for medical purposes are winning a major victory now that a government sanctioned research laboratory in England is examining the effects the plant has on patients suffering from various physical afflictions.

Doctors involved in the test trials are proclaiming that 80
percent of the patients prescribed marijuana are receiving benefits, with many describing the results as "miraculous," a recent story in the London Observer said.

After only a year of the study, the doctors say they believe marijuana can eventually be used to treat osteoporosis, cancer, HIV and AIDS, arthritis, spine injury and certain forms of mental illness.

They say, however, that the results of the study are preliminary and that more research needs to be done. Some scientists are so excited by the early results they are saying they believe marijuana might eventually become as widely prescribed as aspirin and penicillin.

The report will hopefully put some brake on the thousands upon thousands of drug dealers, police agencies, lawyers and court officials who have been reaping huge profits from America's bogus war on drugs. For the first time there will be real scientific evidence to prove what many people all over the world have secretly known for thousands of years; that marijuana is good medicine.

That our jails and prisons are filled with people convicted of growing, selling and smoking the leaves of an innocuous plant that might be beneficial to the user is a social crime that needs to be brought to a stop. The criminals that created these laws, and are now feeding on them via the public trough need to be called for what they are; pillagers, thieves and liars.

That the high courts in the United States have overturned various state movements to legalize marijuana so that people suffering from a variety of painful afflictions can get inexpensive and effective relief, is an abomination.

That authorities would allow the open sale of alcohol, which destroys brain cells and turns alcoholics into beasts, yet prohibit the masses from the comfort of marijuana during these anxious times, is wicked.

The benefits of legalizing marijuana are so numerous it is hard to include them all in this short writing. In brief, the plant also can be used for making paint, plastics, sealants, methanol fuel, and industrial fabrication material. In one process it can be made into newsprint grade paper that is much cheaper than wood pulp. The use of marijuana to manufacture paper would also be good for the environment. One acre of hemp, which can be grown in weeks, replaces 40 acres of trees that take years to grow.

Hemp seeds produce oil for cooking, lubrication and fuel. It is an excellent source of protein. The plant's leaves and flowers are edible. The plant not only eases pain, it relieves stress, asthma and glaucoma. The smoking and eating of its flowers and leaves have other therapeutic, religious and recreational uses. The roots of the plant anchor and invigorate soil to control erosion. The entire plant can be used to produce biomass fuel.

But alas.

Even with scientific proofs to wave in front of lawmakers, I do not expect this country to move quickly to legalize marijuana however. That is because there is just too much money to be made by the racketeers who continue to pump "drug war" chicanery into the minds of the masses.

Just think of what would happen if we legalized marijuana:

- Everybody would be able to grow marijuana in their home gardens, and keep the dried leaves in their homes for either medicinal or social use. The plant grows everywhere and thrives on any soil. Once again it would become a cheap and inexpensive product from the Earth. All of the people who secretly grow the weed and market it at high cost on the street would be suddenly put out of business. A loss of billions of dollars now being enjoyed by the people who violate the law and produce marijuana for the people who insist on using it anyway. That we wage a war against the plant forces the price up. Thousands of dollars are made through the sale of a plant that anybody should be able to grow free in the back yard.

- Farmers could produce hemp as crop for use in the production of rope, clothing, paper and all of the other products listed above. For those who don't know, hemp is classified as cannabis even though it does not possess the same narcotic effects of the more sophisticated variety. Thus the crop that once was considered so important to the American economy farmers were urged and at times even required to grow it, is now prohibited. Instead of toppling our forests to produce a lower grade of paper product, volumes of hemp would be freely available on the market.

- Drug companies would lose millions of dollars from lost sales of expensive (and health threatening) drugs that could be replaced by home-grown marijuana. Insurance companies might gain, however, from a reduction in claims for drug store purchases and medical problems brought on by reactions to the poisonous narcotics we are forced to use in its place. For example, most pain medicine used by arthritis sufferers eventually cause kidney failure. What worse side effect could Marijuana cause? We might hope the savings would be passed on to the consumer.

- Police agencies would find themselves overstaffed. Since President Nixon declared the official start of the drug war, thousands upon thousands of new police officers were brought into service. They were hired with the help of federal tax dollars, funneled through state pipelines to fight the war on drugs. If we lay off all of the extra police who now exist for the sole purpose of battling the production and sale of marijuana, it could amount to a substantial tax savings.

- Lawyers, judges, and court employees would find their work-loads greatly reduced. (Their salaries, now measured in six-digit figures, should also be reduced.)

- Thousands upon thousands of prisoners now crowding our county jails and state prisons on charges of the production, sale and distribution of marijuana would be set free. Construction of new prisons could be stopped. Many prison employees would be laid off. The cuts also would effect food service agencies and other human services that provide for people in jail.

Wouldn't such changes be an improvement?

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