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Are We Martians?

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Are Human’s Programmed For Earth?


By James Donahue

April 10, 2006


The 24-hour clock and Gregorian calendar are Christian inventions and designed to keep humans out of synchronization with their real place in time and space said Psychic Aaron C. Donahue Sunday.


Donahue said one of the secrets to seeing the future, and seeing winning lottery numbers, is knowing where you are in space and time. He said he never wears a watch and does not use the calendar designed by our society.


He said he became interested in the bio-rhythms of the human brain several years ago after hearing about an experiment by some French scholars and students who lived for several weeks in a cave without clocks to tell them what time it was. He said that the group went about daily routines and slept when they thought it was time to sleep. What was discovered was that the human brain operates on a 25-hour cycle instead of a 24-hour one.


Because society works and on a 24-hour schedule, people are constantly out of synch with the natural biological rhythms of their bodies, and this in turn keeps them mentally confused as to just where they are.


“I have wondered about this and I have even remote viewed it,” Donahue told his Internet radio audience. He said the Earth rotates on a 24-hour day, but Mars rotates on a 25-hour day. It is the only planet in our solar system that does this.


He said he once thought it was possible that we were Martians who came to Earth in the distant past from that dying planet. But the failure of our space probes to find any evidence of human existence on Mars has ruled that theory out.


Donahue said there is pre-biotic chemistry on Mars which, under the right conditions, would spark life. But Mars is a hot, dry and foreboding place that will not support life as we know it.


So what is the link between Mars and Earth? Donahue theorizes that perhaps some large object slammed into Mars at some time in the distant past. The explosion forced particles of that planet containing some pre-biotic chemistry out into space and it eventually drifted to Earth.


Life on Earth may have been generated from that chemical material, or perhaps it became mixed with Earth biotic chemistry. For some reason, our genes possess a memory of the 25-hour day that exists on Mars, rather than on our own planet.


Donahue said it remains a mystery that continues to puzzle him.


In the meantime, he said he is working on improved ways for Luciferians to define time on Earth. He said he is working on a new type of clock and has thought of a better calendar that he already is using.


Donahue is not alone in the quest to replace the old Georgian calendar. Other religious groups operate under different calendars. And new proposals for improved and more balanced calendars have been worked out but getting world acceptance has been difficult.

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