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Religious Insanity Breaking All The Rules Of Love


By James Donahue

March 28, 2006


The story about the Afghan court attempting to try and kill a native man who converted from Islam to Christianity, simply because he changed religious beliefs from one angelic concept to another, is an example of the contemporary insanity that seems to prevail among religious factions in these end times.


Because of the publicity, and the interception not only by U.S. government leaders, who still have troops stationed in Afghanistan, and even the Pope, the court ruled this week that Abdul Rahman must have been insane to have done such a foolish thing. Thus the decision was made that the man was mentally incompetent to stand trial and he was supposedly released.


The action brought out the ire of the Moslem clerics who, accompanied by their students, marched through the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif to protest. They chanted “Death to Christians,” and “Abdul Rahman must be killed, Islam demands it.”


Thus the freeing of Rahman only tossed him into the lions den. The man immediately disappeared, which means that he was either seized and murdered the moment he stepped foot out of the Kabul prison, or he escaped into the dark and is running even now for the border, hoping to find asylum in some other country.


The guy has a long way to run.


Italy’s Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini said he would ask his government to grant Rahman asylum, if he can still be found alive and safely escorted out of the fire pit in which he finds himself.


The irony of Rahman’s story is that many thinking Afghans, and members of that sect from all over the world, may now question the sanity of their leaders but will be afraid to speak out for fear of also being targeted for death. Thus it becomes a religion that holds its members through fear rather than faith.


This international story is but one of many news events demonstrating the growing insanity that prevails among religious sects in the contemporary world.


I would dare say that neither Mohammad nor Jesus, if they were alive today, would condone such blatant disregard for the messages these great men of the ancient world presented to their followers. They were not gods, as believed by the followers today. But they were men who taught love for our fellow humans.


That the leaders of Moslem sects would not only condone, but publicly call out for the murder of a man who converted from the Islamic faith to follow the Christian faith, seems to break all of the teachings of Mohammad. I find it hard to believe one word in the Quran, the sacred book of that faith, calls for the murder of anyone because they choose another spiritual path in life.


Not having read the Quran, however, I cannot say this cannot be found there. As a former Bible student, I know that this ancient book if full of contradictory messages, and many of them can be, and have been used to justify all kinds of silly religious practices. Healing, speaking in tongues and the handling of poisonous snakes come to mind as I write these words.


While I am sure that not all Moslems believe Rahman is guilty of a crime punishable by death, there are enough radical clerics in that country who do believe it. Which makes the Islamic faith appear especially dangerous to those of us on the outside looking in.


That Moslem youths are willing to strap bombs on their chests and blow themselves up in crowds, killing hundreds of innocent men, women and children in the name of Allah, also tests the sanity of those who would fall into such a belief system.


The Christians are doing almost as poorly. That Andrea Yates would drowned her five children in the family bathtub because she said a voice from heaven instructed her to do it, is equally as crazy. The Yates case was well publicized but there have been many others like it over the years.


The thinking seems to be that children are born innocent. To save them from growing up and turning to sin and losing their chance to go to Heaven, the mothers choose to slaughter their children to assure their home in glory. In a twisted way, the murders then become acts of love.


Looking at this kind of idiotic thinking helps to clarify why Prophet and Psychic Aaron C. Donahue is calling for all world religious systems to be shut down. He says they are all lies, perpetrated by arch angels, and are impeding the true spiritual and mental evolution of the human race.


We believe he is quite right.



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