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U.S. Perceived As A World Terrorist


By James Donahue

March 22, 2006


Some might wonder why the leaders of both Venezuela and North Korea would publicly warn their citizens in recent days to prepare for a possible military strike by the United States.


To the best of our knowledge, and the knowledge of the world, U.S. forces are already heavily involved in two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have extended our military to its limits. Now our leaders are issuing verbal threats to Iran because of fears that country is developing nuclear capabilities. We are not threatening either North Korea or Venezuela, at least openly and publicly.


If there is going to be a third war front Iran is the next logical place. Not so much because Iran is a real nuclear threat, but because it is another oil-rich nation in the Middle East. The concept of “stabilizing” the Middle Eastern Arab nations and forcing democracies down their throats seems to be Christian Bush’s concept of saving the Moslems from Allah while at the same time seizing some of the world’s prime sources of crude oil for the American capitalist system.


After all, capitalism is a gluttonous system that runs on cheap oil. And the Bush Administration is an obvious pawn of the big business interests that put him in power and assured his second term.


While North Korea has gained nuclear capabilities, and is considered a threat to its neighbors and even has the missile capability of lobbing a bomb to the Western coast of the U.S., for some reason the administration been depending on diplomacy, and leaning heavily on China and Russia to keep that problem in check. Also North Korea is a very poor country lacking any natural resources of interest to the United States.


In South America, on the other hand, left wing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is proving to be a real thorn in the side of the Bush Administration. Chavez not only is sitting on a major oil reserve, he is using it to help spread the socialist concept throughout the Latin American nations.


Socialist leaders like Chavez are a very powerful threat to American capitalism, but not in a military way. It is a political ideology that is gaining strength right at the U.S. doorstep.


Because he is an irritant to the Bush Administration, and because he has oil reserves, Chavez might be more rational than North Korea’s Kim Jong Il when he conceives of a U.S. inspired military strike. But from where we sit, neither event is probable.


If it wasn’t dealing with such a deadly issue, we might even find a wisp of humor in the fact that the North Korean leadership declared the right to tout “first strike capability” to ward off an attack by aggressive nations like the United States. This is exactly the same rhetoric used by the Bush Administration in a doctrine declared by President Bush only last week.


That doctrine appeared to be an expansion of the original security framework used by the administration before the invasion of Iraq. It shifted U.S. foreign policy away from decades of deterrence and containment toward an aggressive stance of attacking enemies before they attack the United States.


The statement called for the right of preemptive war against terrorists and hostile states with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. It presents an assertive view of America’s “responsibility” to bring change around the world.


While we agree that changes are needed around the world, the Bush Christian/Capitalist agenda is not acceptable elsewhere. What the majority of the world is leaning toward, and would probably accept, is a socialist form of government. Democracy has never been successful because it lets capitalism flourish, involves enslavement of the masses, cumbersome politics and an elective process controlled through mental manipulation of the voters.


What is needed is an absolution of the religious systems that have generated bigotry and hatreds among the world’s people, and a government system that doles out a fair and equitable distribution of the world’s remaining resources so that everybody gets a fair and equal portion.


Great wealth by a few at the expense of the masses must end.


And America must stop being a bully to the rest of the world. As a world power it has the potential of leading the world in an important new socialist and spiritual movement that might . . . if done with wisdom and great caution . . . really bring peace to this troubled globe.



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