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Planet Earth Has Repaired After Prior Extinctions


By James Donahue

March 13, 2006


Planet Earth is alive and it has maintained an ability to regenerate life after the very worst of disasters throughout millions of years of history, Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue told his radio audience Sunday.


“Anaerobic, heat loving organisms exist deep in the earth,” Donahue said. He said NASA scientists are about to discover the same kind of pre-biotic chemistry living on Mars. This is the kind of stuff necessary to begin the regeneration of life all over again once something happens to cause total extinctions on the planet.


The problem with the looming extinction this time, he warned, is that humans are doing such a thorough job of killing Planet Earth, even the pre-biotic chemistry is going to be destroyed. If we allow this to happen, he said the loop will be broken and we will be no more.


“We are heading for an end where there should not be an end,” Donahue said.


Through his abilities as both a prophet and an advanced remote viewer, he said he has examined the history of Earth from its very origins. He said there were at least two times when life evolved, possibly to a level of intelligence that we enjoy today, and then went extinct. But these extinctions were caused by natural disasters.


Earth once was struck by a large planetary body, possibly another planet, Donahue said. He said the original planet was much smaller than it is today. After the collision, the two planets became one large planet.


He said the contemporary fears of “Planet X” coming into our solar system and colliding with Earth stem from that ancient event. It remains fixed in our collective subconscious memory. But there will be no Planet X colliding with Earth this time. The destruction of life on Earth will be our own undoing.


Before that event, Donahue said there was an amazing and varied form of life on Earth, including a reptilian entity that reached a very high state of intelligence. He said he believes there was some construction of monuments by the reptilians and there was a form of communication, although he does not believe it was writing. He thinks the reptilians used telepathy, much like the animal kingdom does today, to communicate.


After this first extinction, and possibly a second major extinction, Donahue said the abundance of life on Earth did not return in as rich a form and as varied as it originally was.


The development of a human this time around was aided by alien intervention, he said. But our evolution has been a struggle.


He said this struggle has been because of our environment, and the alien warfare raging over the decision by Lucifer to create us in the first place. Many aliens were opposed to what Lucifer did. Consequently, road blocks have been thrown in our path to natural evolution to both spiritual and mental heights.


Also, we exist in a very dark three-dimensional world, which makes it difficult for us to see beyond the veil and understand just who we are and what we were designed to do.


“We are in such a dark place it takes a great deal of effort to rise above it,” Donahue said. “Most people are unaware that our planet is alive.”

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