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Teenage Suicide Pacts – A Frightening World Phenomenon


By James Donahue

March 2006


It has been going on all over the world, but the collective suicides of young adults is especially noticeable in Japan where carloads of dead bodies are found more and more frequently.


Authorities say they are discovering young men and women, usually in their late teens or early twenties, their bodies sealed inside parked cars, with charcoal stoves burning to create deadly carbon monoxide.


The phenomenon has been growing. In Japan police say they investigated 34 separate cases of mass suicide plots that left 91 people dead in 2005 and it appears that even more are occurring this year. By comparison there were 19 cases in 2004 with 55 dead.


Similar mass suicides are being reported all over the world, from Guam to the Netherlands, one recent report said.


The youth are often total strangers, united by Internet connections and sharing one common thread. They feel hopeless, that there is no place for them in this world, and they want to die but lack to courage to do it alone. Thus they make pacts and gather with others of like mind to keep their pre-arranged dates with premature deaths by suicide.


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue says this is one of the signs of pre-extinction behavior. There is a subconscious knowledge of our dying Earth and the looming apocalyptic horrors that lie just around the corner. Irrational and radical behavior is showing up in many ways. Mothers are killing their children in the name of “god.” Fathers are sexually molesting their children. A wide range of abnormal behavior, and including mass suicides are happening.


Young adults are feeling especially vulnerable. Just past childhood and now entering adulthood, they are discovering the reality of a world that is upside down and out of balance. There is no place for the young. The leaders are old men caught up in capitalist greed and the twisted song of religious and racial bigotry. They hate their brothers and lust for warfare. The youth are but tools to fight these wars and slave in the old men’s sweat shops.


Rather than submit, the youth are choosing suicide. They rationalize that it is their only way out.


But they are wrong.


There is something new for them if they could only learn about it in time. It is the new Luciferian movement inspired by Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue. Donahue has been to Japan twice in an attempt to reveal his message to the people there, but the media successfully blocked him accomplishing his goal.


A Japanese author recently came to the United States and asked for an appointment to interview Donahue so that he could write about his work. But this writer got sidetracked and did not show up. He interviewed false prophets and remote viewers instead and ignored Aaron’s message. Consequently the young people of Japan have not heard about this exciting new spiritual movement. They have not heard about Lucifer, the real father of the human race. They do not know that there is a way out of their terrible dilemma.


The suicides in Japan were totally preventable. They still are. If only the people knew the answer is just around the corner.


Soon everybody is going to know.


Aaron C. Donahue cannot remain hidden much longer. 


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