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Author O’Toole Captures True Essence Of Religious “God”


By James Donahue

March 2006


I read with amusement a recent review of a satirical new book “God?” by Edward O’Toole by an “anonymous Southern Baptist. The writer blasts the book as “the most satanic screenplay ever written” and calls for a ban on the work.


Thus goes the mind of the Bible thumping Christian zealot who fails to see either the truth or the humor in a book that grazes closer to reality than most people caught up in religious brainwashing seem to want to accept.


While this writer has not read the book, the review was enough to garnish my interest enough to put it on this year’s reading list. There are times after spending a day dealing with the dark issues of this troubled world that we could stand a few guffaws of good humor, or perhaps creative revelation, before turning out the light.


This Baptist complains that the book, which refers to God as Yaldabaoth, is portrayed as evil, while his “mother” is good. O’Toole also presents this god as one of several “evil” deities and claims that Satan is the true benefactor of mankind.


“And this is by no means a hidden, subliminal message. It is virtually said outright that God is some second-rate, deluded, egotistical creature trying to fool mankind into believing that He is the true God, constantly enforcing the delusion that He is the only god,” the unnamed Christian reviewer writes.


The writer concludes that he cannot understand the force that compelled O’Toole to write such a “horrifying thing.”


For a Luciferian, however, O’Toole was clearly inspired to get excitingly close to the truth; although he didn’t quite go far enough. It was as if he caught a vision of reality, but couldn’t bring himself to go all of the way with the story line.


Indeed, the Christian god is dark. That is because it is an arch angel that established the religion and demands that all believers worship it. The arch angels that created the other great world religions, the Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic faiths all have their own personal angels to worship.


All are so caught up in their belief systems, and are so busy dispensing and loving their angels, they have no love for one another. And each religious group is so convinced that their god is the only “true” god, they are willing to go to war to drive the other religious systems off the face of the planet, if necessary.


The humans have been so caught up in their religious systems for so many thousands of years, they have stopped evolving both mentally and spiritually. And they have forgotten the covenant, which was to love and cherish the Mother Earth, from where they sprang. They also have forgotten that Lucifer, who also is portrayed in the Bible as Satan, is the progenitor of the human race. He is, indeed, our creator.


This is a truth that a Southern Baptist cannot bear to hear, let alone read in print.



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