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What Is Really Behind Those Cartoon Protests?


By James Donahue

Feb. 15, 2006


Since they began about a week ago, the public protests by large numbers of Moslems taking to the streets of towns all over the world are intensifying instead of dying down.


As I am writing these words, thousands of protesters are burning buildings, flags and clashing with police in the Mideast, Asia, Indonesia and Africa, and some say they are starting to turn their attention against the United States, even though the offending cartoons have never been published in the American media.


The great anger reflected by the people of the Moslem faith has not been understood by the Americans. In fact, many of the talking heads have spent a lot of time this week on the various editorial viewpoint television shows, pontificating on their theories. Some say the demonstrations are organized by hate groups and have little to do with the cartoons that mocked the Prophet Mohammad.


NBC’s Brian Williams may have gotten as close to a full understanding as any journalist when he reported that the image of Mohammad is never allowed in the Islamic world. It was noted that even in regional films, the prophet may be in the film, but his image is never seen. It is considered a sacrilege to draw or produce any kind of image depicting Mohammad.


Thus the artist in Christian oriented Denmark, who lacked an understanding of the deep spiritual glue that unites the Islamic world, committed the very worst of sacrileges when he not only drew a picture of a bearded image that depicted the prophet, but he also made a political cartoon of the image. This was perceived as pure mockery of the most sacred of the Islamic images. It is an unseen image, one perceived in the mind alone.


Not only was one cartoon produced, but the artist drew a series of 12, and a Danish newspaper dared to publish them. This was followed by several newspapers in other European Christian countries copying and publishing the same images. And that was the final straw.


The protests soon turned into riots and then violence. People have died in these events. Police in Afghanistan have been shooting into the crowds, actually killing some of the protesters.


So the Moslems protested and they made their point. Why do the riots continue?


Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, his very name portraying his Moslem faith, offered something more. He said there is a “huge chasm that has emerged between the West and Islam.” It was present when the al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9-11. But it has intensified since the United States has led a bombing campaign against Afghanistan and Iraq, and now threatens to carry the bombs eastward into Iran.


The United States also supports Israel, which has been at constant war against the Palestinians.


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue says the conflict between the United States and the Islamic world is a spiritual one, not so much a physical one. He said the demonstrations occurring all over the world now are a form of venting by millions of frustrated Moslem people who perceive the Americans as spiritually blind capitalists unable to see past their own gluttonous desires. We attack to control the oil. We are totally blind to the real Islamic viewpoint.


While the anger began because of a serious blunder by the European media, now that the mobs are in the streets, it is easy for the real cause of the Islamic frustration to be redirected against America.


After all, it is the Americans that are continuing to bomb and kill innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq. The longer we continue to violate their space, the angrier the Islamic people get.


Donahue believes our very actions will eventually spark terrorist attacks on our own soil.



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