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Aaron: World Poised For Global War


By James Donahue

Feb. 12, 2006


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue said the world is on the brink of a global war that he said must be stopped if mankind has any hope of preventing a looming extinction.


He said the angels have done a good job of setting up a condition utilizing three world leaders; all of them Armageddonists. These leaders are in Taiwan, Iran and the United States. Donahue said that all belong to religious sects that teach that a global war is necessary to bring back a “messiah” who will save the world.


He said that messiah lies within us and is not external. This “savior” is not going to drop down out of the sky at the last minute like Superman and save us from ourselves.


“We do not have to go to war,” Donahue said. “Armageddon is something that happened a long time ago. We must not let history repeat itself. We don’t have to attack Iran.”


He said the threat of war is developing so quickly that the human race is in great peril. “If we have a nuclear war on this dying planet, our limited life span will be severely challenged. You are running out of time. Your planet is dying. We are talking about losing your soul and it is a very serious matter.”


Donahue said the world drama unfolding is completely under the control of the angels who appear at this moment to be winning the war over the future of the human race. The angels want us destroyed because if allowed to evolve to our full mental and spiritual potential, we pose a threat to them.


There are three key world figures now acting as pawns in this angelic game of chess. They are:


--Taiwan President Chen Shui-Bian, a born-again fundamental Christian who looks for the return of Jesus during the great Battle of Armageddon. Chen is promoting a separation of Taiwan from mainland China even though the Chinese government opposes it. China has threatened to attack Taiwan if Chen follows through with this threat. Chen is buying missiles and other technical defense weaponry from the United States, and is depending upon the United States to defend his island if China follows through with this threat. In the meantime, China is building a major military system that is causing alarm among other nations, including the United States.


--Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a member of a radical Islamic sect that believes a divine character named Mohammed ibn Hasan, the righteous descendant of the Prophet Mohammad, will come down out of the sky in the company of Jesus during a great world conflict. Like the Christian fundamentalists, Ahmadinejad appears to be deliberately pushing the world toward a global conflict to fulfill an Islamic prophecy. He is openly calling for the eradication of Israel, has purchased a missile system capable of striking Israel, and is suspected of using nuclear technology for construction of a controversial atomic power plant to also develop an atomic bomb. Iran is defying efforts by the United Nations to inspect Iranian production facilities to insure that Iran is not building a bomb. He appears to be inviting a military attack.


--U. S. President George W. Bush, a member of the fundamental Southern Baptist faith, who also believes that Jesus will return during the Battle of Armagteddon. Bush is expected to order forces to assist Israel in a military attack on Iran within months if the crisis is not stabilized. If China attacks Taiwan, The Bush Administration may also opt to defend Taiwan because of major commercial and economic ties between America and Taiwan. Because China has economic ties to Iran, there is a chance that nation will defend Iran if American forces attack.


This is why Donahue says we are dangerously close to a global conflict that could break out at any moment.


Iran is rattling sabers and believes it has Allah on its side,” he told his radio listeners Sunday. “Of course the U.S. has its own god on its side. But these gods are both monsters from the id that are about to face each other off. And if we are not careful, this could escalate into a global war.”


He said most Americans are Christians and therefore have been raised believing in Armageddon. “It is in our culture. And we are a fear-based society. We have built a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons.”


Another very serious factor in this international picture is Russia, Donahue said. Russia has just recently demonstrated a newly developed anti-ballistic missile system that is capable of changing course in mid-flight, thus taking on a new target. This new missile is superior to any missile defense system that the United States, or any other country in the world now has.


Thus if Russia ever gets involved in a global conflict, it will be a very deadly foe to face.

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