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WTO Attempting To Force GMO Crops On The World


By James Donahue

February 2006


A ruling by the World Trade Organization (WTO) concerning the European Union’s efforts to block genetically modified foods and seeds could have a significant impact on the entire world.


A WTO panel this week ruled that various EU countries, namely Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Luxembourg, broke international trade rules by imposing bans on the marketing and growing of specific genetically modified crops.


Leaders of these countries are bracing for a fight claiming that the WTO ruling touches on national sovereignty and that they are standing by their decisions to keep farming in their countries GMO-free. European consumers are well-known for the hostility to GMO crops, which they have labeled “Frankenstein foods.”


There is good reason for the hostility. The major seed companies like Monsanto and DuPont/Pioneer have patented the seeds they sell which means that farmers who purchase and use the seed are prohibited from saving a portion of the crop for replanting the following year. They must buy the seed they use each consecutive year.


Also many of these seeds, laced with weed killer and pesticides, are hybrid, which means they do not produce viable seed at harvest.


Farmers also are alarmed because the GMO seeds are found to cross-pollinate with nearby non-GMO crops and even with weeds that have genetic links to the field crops. Thus there is a sweeping agricultural crisis developing where ever crops like Roundup-ready soy and canola are grown. The farmer may enjoy one year of weed-free growing, but he will return in following years to find heartier weeds to combat. The weeds have adopted resistance to Roundup.


The greed of the big seed companies is inadvertently destroying the pre-biotic chemistry of the Earth, warns Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue. This is a vital key to the planet’s ability to regenerate life in the event of a global extinction.


Opponents to GMO crops also worry about what these altered foods are doing to the health of the humans and animals that eat them. These altered foods have been dumped in the food chain without adequate long-term testing to determine any kind of safety record.


Thus the WTO ruling this week could have a major impact on all participating nations of the world. One story suggested that African nations, where a lack of food is a major concern, are now being pressured to buy and use GMO crops. They also are resisting this seed.


What kind of power does the World Trade Organization have over these small nations?


The WTO, along with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund ald all other imperialist organizations, share the common goal of ensuring the continued domination of global capitalism and subsequent imperialism over the people of the world, no matter what the human cost.


As one writer put it: “The stated intent of the WTO is to maintain a ‘level playing field’ for international trade. They say that this is a new era and that eventually the prosperity the rich nations have will spread world-wide to the benefit of all.”


The problem has been, however, that the move toward international trade has allowed for the exploitation of a giant and cheap labor force in many overpopulated and under educated nations for the benefit of big business interests in the capitalistic system. It has become a form of slave labor, without forcing the landowner to have to pay for housing and feeding the slaves.


Thus the WTO is a form of world imperialism in disguise. It is a powerful organization that currently has much of the world business interests, including farmers, in its claws.



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