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Would The Vatican Lie To Turn A Liar Into A Saint?


By James Donahue

February 2005


Almost since the day of his death, supporters of the late Pope John Paul II have been trying to find a way to get him declared a saint.


Canonization to the Roman Catholics is no small thing. Under the rules, there must be a five-year wait following the death, a delegation of bishops and other high church officials must establish that this individual was a model of holiness, it must be proven that a miracle occurred after the death of the candidate because someone prayed to that person for help, and it must be verified that a second miracle occurred because this person lived.


The story is that an unnamed nun has been healed of Parkinson's Disease, the same affliction that took the life of John Paul II, after she prayed to the pope following his death. Is this a manufactured story? Can anybody trust that gang in the Vatican?


The false “beautification” of this pope would be a sacrilege, even for the Catholics who bow daily to an angel that pretends to be their god. Pope John Paul II was an earth criminal. He promoted the overpopulation of our already overcrowded and dying planet, he opposed the use of contraception during sex and declared abortion a sin. During his reign the Catholic Church was rocked by reports of pedophilia among priests, mostly with alter boys working in churches, and he did little if anything to curb it.


As popular as this pope was, he was no saint. He just traveled the world more than any preceding pope, lasted longer than most of the other popes, and consequently was better known by more of his followers.


To the Catholics, the pope is something similar to an extension of God, or another Jesus type representing the father God on Earth. His word is law. And popes have had a way of coming up with strange new rules for living over the years. The “no meat on Friday” was an old pope-contrived rule dreamed up by Nicholas I back in the year 867. But it was removed by Pope John Paul II in 1966. Could he do that? He did it.


To this day, however, many Catholics continue to choose fish for their Friday feast, rather than consume the evil meat. As Luciferians we believe that meat is bad food on any day. The murder of innocent creatures of the Earth for unnecessary food is wrong. But that has nothing to do with this story.


Pope John Paul II also was a liar. He had access to the Third Secret of Fatima, that was on lock-down by the church after the three children were visited by the angelic figure at Fatima, Portugal  in 1917.


The first two secrets, involving wars and other events in the world, were made public right away. But the third secret was sealed by the Vatican. Pope John Paul II decided, shortly before the death of the final child, Sister Lucia, that he would reveal the Third Secret. At least this is what he told the world. But he lied.


The Third Secret of Fatima is an end-times prophecy involving the attempted assassination of a primary figure in the transport of 144,000 souls through time and the dimensions of space. It is the event that the angelic-inspired church foretells as the rapture of the saints. In truth, it is the escape of a remnant of the human race back to Eden, according to Prophet and Psychic Aaron C. Donahue.


It is very possible that the Vatican has always known the truth behind that prophecy. It was kept secret because the knowledge would have destroyed the church.


Pope John Paul II said the prophecy, which was delivered as a warning to mankind, involved the assassination attempt on his own life in 1983. He was struck by three bullets while riding through crowds in St. Peter’s Square.


Donahue says the final secret has nothing to do with the pope or the church. It was not the Virgin Mary, but a renegade angel that brought this message to Fatima, Portugal. It was never intended that the church should hide this important warning from the world. Because the children were illiterate and being raised in a rural Catholic home, they brought the message straight into the grip of the church.


For all of these reasons, Pope John Paul II should never ever be a candidate for beautification so that he will be remembered as a saint. Catholics make statues of saints and pray to them, thinking of them as gods. That Pope John Paul II left this world fearing death, and that he was totally unprepared for his passage into the next realm, makes the concept of sainthood for him even more ridiculous.


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