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Genetic Mystery – Where Do Dogs Come From?


By James Donahue

February 2006


A team of scientists studying the genome of the dog has discovered its origin dates back at least 100,000 years and is linked to the grey wolf in Asia.


The team from the Broad Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, recently published its findings in the British journal Nature


“Dogs evolved through a mutually beneficial relationship with humans, sharing living space and food sources,” the study suggests. Dogs are believed to be the first animals domesticated by humans. Over thousands of years, the group said, genetic pressure by Homo sapiens caused the emergence of dog breeds which specialized in herding, hunting and obedience, as well as dogs prized for certain looks.


The study found that dogs have 39 pairs of chromosomes. By comparison, humans have 23.


There are an estimated 400 different modern canine breeds of dogs in the world today.


The research sounds simple at first blush, but when you think about it, the findings generate a mystery. For starters, there are many other variations of the canine in the world, including coyotes, hyenas, jackals and various types of wolves. Yet all dog breeds are traced back to a single wolf, somewhere in Asia. And the branching off from wild wolf to the domesticated “man’s best friend” occurred back when humans were believed to still be living in caves.


Or were they?


If we were to believe the Bible story of creation, humans have only been living on this planet for about 8,000 years. That, of course, is ridiculous. We find the fossilized remains of humanoids that walked this planet at the same time as the dinosaurs an estimated 200 million years ago.


Luciferian spokesman Aaron C. Donahue says he believes the genetic manipulation of humanoids by Lucifer, an alien from another world, occurred near the end of the Cretaceous Period, just after the great flood. This is the time in history when the DNA of a remnant of the contemporary human race will be placed in the unborn children of existing humans or humanoids.


That puts intelligent humans on the planet as early as 65 million years ago, or even earlier. Donahue says this event is told in the brief story in Genesis that speaks of the sons of God coming down to Earth and having children with the daughters of men. They bore children who “became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”


The phrasing “mighty men which were of old,” and that they were “men of renown” implies that these children possessed ancient knowledge and were highly acclaimed among the people. They came into a world of illiterate and un-evolved humanoids and were suddenly born different. They were superior to their parents. It was a major evolutionary step that thrust humanity into being more than an animal.


The work of Lucifer may even have exceeded this event by hundreds of thousands of years. If the Noah myth is linked to a factual event, it suggests that alien assistance was used once before to save a remnant of mankind from the threat of extinction. This group of survivors also arrived at the same time in history, near the end of the Cretaceous Period. Thus our DNA and the DNA of the people that lived in Noah’s time both arrive at the same place at about the same time.


There has been a thought that while Lucifer was planting his children on this planet, he also did some manipulating of our environment so that we had a few tools to assist in our evolution and our survival. For example, Donahue believes that the strange surgical cattle mutilations that have been occurring all over the world are the work of aliens. The cellular information of cows is being taken to the place where we are going in preparation for our arrival. He says not all mothers are successful in breast feeding their children, so cow’s milk will be essential to the survival of the species once we arrive.


Also we believe certain plants, and even other animals, were placed here to assist in our evolutionary growth. The natural psychedelic drugs like the peyote mushroom, marijuana, and certain grasses were gifts from Lucifer.


Is it possible that Lucifer also altered the wolf to give us a domestic animal as a companion? Some people believe the domestic cat is such a strange animal, it does not originate on Earth at all. Both animals are common in most homes all over the planet. Their existence dates back as early in history as we do.


This added gift from our progenitor would explain the mystery of how early man managed to capture and domesticate a wild wolf. We know from nature that such an event is just about impossible.


Wolves, by their very nature, will cull out any offspring that deviates from the norm. Thus a pup that fails to display the wild cunning of its parents is destroyed. There would be no chance for an accidental genetic mutation.




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