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Why GW Bush Is The New Antichrist




(Editor’s Note: This explosive piece recently was found in my mail. While we don’t necessarily agree with the author, we admit that the editorial offers some interesting and thought provoking points. Thus we offer it as a guest commentary)


Consider this, the world periodically creates conditions in which a new tyrant arises and the rule of law fails to reign in the abuse of power. We call these men antichrists. Napoleon, Hitler, Franco, Mussolini are such men. Now the world has a new tyrant to deal with: George W. Bush. 


Currently Bush's abuse of power is being met with feeble opposition. This is an early warning sign that Bush will not be stopped; he will grab total power and bring ruin to America and much of the world. The next antichrist will follow in the footsteps of the previous antichrists.


The new world tyrant typically arises from a failing industrial republic, Hitler arose and consolidated power during the Great Depression, and he marshaled the industrialists to re-arm. The same is happening in the USA today - the world’s largest military-industrial complex. Bush will rally the failed nation America by calling it to World War 3 and many will eagerly follow for jobs.


The great bubble of Federal Reserve credit is about to become undone, a huge deflationary depression is looming. Americans have borrowed so much in the last 75 years that there is no historical precedent in the history of mankind. They have bid home prices so high that even Greenspan calls it a bubble. The Federal Reserve will be found impotent when people en masse decide not to borrow, a major shift in mass psychology that is already underway. All that is needed to tip the scales is a deflationary depression and the call to stimulate the economy via defense spending will be an irresistible force. The American industrialists will eagerly follow Bush just as the German industrialists followed Hitler. World War 3 is just around the next deflationary spiral.


Some people think Saddam is the antichrist.  He can't be, he's in jail. Iraq is a bombed country, it can't make arms. In fact Iraq never could produce a single piece of aluminum to make rockets. Iraq never was an industrial country with the mineral deposits needed to form a world army. How many steel factories are in Iraq? Zero. How many tanks can Iraq produce? Zero. All of Saddam's tanks, airplanes, and military equipment came from industrial nations like France, USA, and USSR who eagerly traded arms for oil.

There has to be great patriotism in the antichrist nation that can lead to empire building. Iraq is not the antichrist nation. Many Iraqi soldiers surrendered at the first opportunity because they didn't believe in dying for their cause. Saddam was a fraud to many Iraqi's. The Iraq army was destroyed in a few hours by the superior army that had total air superiority which dropped bombs with impunity. Who can make war with the beast? That is the question that identifies the beast nation, the United States of America the only remaining military ultra-superpower.


America is the most patriotic nation on the earth, and thus the prime candidate for the antichrist beast nation. Americans really believe that they are the greatest nation as did the Germans under Hitler and French under Napoleon. If you live outside of the USA you probably despise Americans because they have this arrogant superiority complex. Most Americans already have the spirit of the antichrist, they are indifferent to the illegal torture of detainees, and they ignore the horrific war crimes committed by Bush.  Americans are not superior; they are pathetic like the Germans that followed Hitler.

The current president is extremely dangerous as was Hitler. Both were failures at everything before they tried politics. Both good orators and propagandists, both at the reigns of the world's largest military and are ready for conquest. Afghanistan and Iraq is akin to Poland and Austria the first nations over run by the madman Hitler. The new antichrist that destroys the ‘three’ is Bush destroying Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran


Bush and his Neocon henchmen were planning the takeover of the Middle East before 911. There is no doubt that the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) is empire making document. Most of Bush's top appointees, especially at the Pentagon are outright Zionist traitors who only care about the State of Israel. Many have dual US Israel citizenship. Israel wants Iraq destroyed. She got her wish because her agents control the Pentagon. Iran will soon be destroyed by the antichrist Bush, maybe as early as 2006.


The formula for manipulating the people into war is simple:  attack the nation -- wave the flag -- go to war.   September 11, 2001 World Trade Center catastrophe was the manufactured psychological event to give the antichrist the justification to go to war.  Without 911, Bush and the neocons could not have sold the war. 911 was a psy-ops done on the American mind. Not only did Bush lie about the WMD, not only did he plagiarize documents; he even secretly spied on the United Nations Security counsel. In fact Bush has lied about everything, but he is still trusted.  The fruit of the deliberate program of dumbing down and public school State indoctrination is now evident.


The negative karma of America has so many good Christians totally fooled about GW Bush and his evil intentions. America is a Christian Nation. Christian Churches dominate every single town and city in America. It is impossible to read the supposed words of Jesus and come away wanting to do war, kill and maim other men, commit genocide against whole nations. Christians must follow their guru and try to emulate Jesus and his teachings.  Everything Jesus Christ said is in direct contradiction to what GW Bush is doing and intending on doing. So why in hell does any Christian support Bush?


The politically active fundamentalist/evangelical Christians are courting antichrist Bush because they are trying to create conditions in the Middle East that will lead to the rapture and second coming. They subconsciously know that Bush has triggered the Armageddon countdown sequence with the invasion of Iraq. Many televangelists are practically foaming at the mouth for a world Christian empire now that they smell the blood of butchered Arabs.  Millions of Christians believe that we are in end-times, that the rapture w ill happen any day.


Unfortunately for the Christians their will be no mythical rapture. All Christians were left behind to experience the tribulation of their own making. Christians have created the apocalypse because of their very own psychotic beliefs, they are actors in their play, and there is no escape. America is a nation of fraudulent Christians.

The current president and his staff would be characterized as homicidal maniacs by any psychologist. Lust for murder to make a profit is normally considered evil by rational people. In a sane nation, GW Bush and his loony staff would be locked up because in a sane society crazed murderers are not allowed to rule. If Hitler showed up on the world scene today they would be locked up. Likewise, Americans should recognize what type of man GW Bush is, impeach and imprison GW Bush because he is a danger to himself and others.  But this is unlikely.  There is a grand play going on, Americans are going to experience the horror of nuclear war on their soil and that will shift their consciousness. Expect nuclear war 2012 – 2015 just as John Titor predicted.

So Americans are stuck in a trance. A trance caused by the constantly increasing negative karma of the criminal acts of the United States Government. America from its inception committed genocide against the Native American's. It ran a slave trade that ended in a bloody civil war. It bombed Vietnam for over a decade and now it's doing the same on Iraq.  America doesn’t learn. Has America's long term continuous rape of peoples and nations for profit sealed its’ fate? Is GW Bush the personification of the antichrist, the pied piper of fate that is empowered to carry out the karmic fate of negative energy from the previous actions? You bet!



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