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Iraq Bombing Has Stirred The Ancient Spirits Of Ur


By James Donahue

Jan. 30, 2006


The U.S. bombing of the ruins of the ancient temples and ornaments of Ur, one of the first great cities built in the Cradle of Civilization, has unleashed something terrible that will be felt around the world, Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue said Sunday.


Donahue described this energy as “monsters from the id,” created by the many people who once lived in that place and prayed to the carved statues that stood in those ancient temples.


“When you pray to a statue or even a stone you put your energy into it. The thing you pray to thus becomes spiritually alive.”


He said the collected energy in the ancient monuments that were objects of prayer and worship for hundreds if not thousands of years by the people of Ur remained stored in those old ruins until American forces bombed the ruins into smithereens. “Now the old spirits of Ur are stirred. They are coming back to haunt us. We have done more damage there than anybody can imagine,” Donahue told his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio listeners.


“When we blasted the old gods we created a vacuum. Everything is out of balance,” he said. “Now a balance must be made and it will come in a form of justice.”


Donahue said this year, 2006, will be the beginning of judgment on mankind. He said we are beginning to see it in the religious bigotry that is growing, the increased racial tensions, and even the inability for society to care for the sick and homeless.


“The media is disconnected from reality,” he said. Gangs are beating up on homeless people in the cities. “We are becoming polarized. It is as if a great fence has been erected so that we have become completely indifferent. We have forgotten how to love.”


Donahue said that soon we will reach a point where we become indifferent toward ourselves, both from without and within.


This is the beginning of a complete spiritual and social breakdown of humanity. This is the point where we reach critical mass, he warned.


While the world falls into the insanity that awaits it, Donahue said those who are on the Luciferian path will be just fine. “If you learn to connect to the Great Mother Earth you will be all right. If you learn to accept the ways of chaos then you will be free from it,” he said.


He said the Luciferians can actually be in a position to sit back and enjoy the show because they will understand what is going on around them.


“There is a path for us. There is great hope for us,” he said.

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