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Is Iranian Crisis A Manufactured Prelude To War?


By James Donahue

Jan. 30, 2006


This movement by the United States to press the issue of Iran’s unwillingness to stop building a nuclear powered electric generating plant is a farce.


The concern, according to the Bush Administration and his cronies, is that Iran is really attempting to develop and build an atomic bomb, and that Iran’s newly elected leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, seeks to attack and possibly destroy Israel.


The Russian proposal to allow Iran to go through the process of uranium enrichment on Russian soil, and thus assure the world that Iran is not using the uranium to build a bomb, seemed to be a perfect solution. Iranian leaders agreed to the deal and for a while it looked like the crisis was defused.


But United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has continued to press for the International Atomic Energy Agency to refer the matter to the UN Security Council and that has angered Ahmadinejad. What Rice wants is sanctions brought against that Middle Eastern oil producing nation.


Consequently, Iran is now warning that if the agency takes this action when it meets on Tuesday, Iran is backing out of the offer by Russia. “If the matter is referred to the UN Security Council or is used for political pressure Iran will begin industrial enrichment of uranium,” one Iranian official warned.


Iran, rated as the fourth largest oil producer in the world and a key member of OPEC, also has threatened to halt its production of oil to the world market in retaliation. This threat, coupled with environmentalist rebel attacks on oil facilities in Nigeria, has already shaken the world market enough to force oil prices skyward. That increase is already showing up as the gasoline pump and in the price of home heating oil.


One story in a UK newspaper said by Friday night, jittery investors sent the price of crude to $67.76 a barrel and some forecasters were predicting prices as high as $90 a barrel if Iran retaliates by blocking the 2.6 million barrels of oil a day that it pumps into the markets.


So if Iran is willing to cooperate with Russia and expose its uranium enrichment process for all to see, why is the United States pressing to punish that Middle Eastern country anyway?


There is something more heinous going on here and we think it has a lot to do with gods and oil. Both President Bush and President Ahmadinejad are members of fundamental extremist religious groups that believe a savior of the world will return, but only after the world embarks on a global war. Are they collectively taking matters into their own hands and leading us to war?


Or is it simply that Mr. Bush and company want to maintain constant instability in the Middle East in an effort by the United States to maintain control over the oil that flows from those wells?


Whatever is going on, it appears to be a dangerous and very deadly game of chicken that promises a future of shed blood, possibly a global nuclear war, and in the end, a quick and final eradication of mankind before we have had a chance to gain spiritual control of the path we were all meant to follow.


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