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Aaron Gets World-Wide Exposure But With A Flawed Host


By James Donahue

Jan. 29, 2006


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue will have a lot to say about his South African Radio interview when he goes on his regular show tonight.


That is because Kate Turkington, his so-called “objective” host on the “Believe It Or Not” radio broadcast from Johannesburg, South Africa, cut him off in the midst of having him explain remote viewing, explain Luciferianism, why he won’t find Osama bin Laden, whether UFOs are real and whether demons are good or bad, then cut his one-hour short by 15 minutes.


Turkington used that final quarter hour to ridicule Donahue and say that he left her totally confused even though he is considered by many to have one of the world’s greatest minds. She then said: “I am never going to become a Luciferian.”


Obviously Tarkington’s reputation as an objective interviewer of people about spiritual matters is flawed. What Donahue had to say Sunday appears to have shaken her enough that she not only cut short the interview, but spent time ridiculing his message. During those final minutes she also talked about the Christian concept of original sin and explained how Satan and Lucifer are linked as one person through Milton’s fictional work Paradise Lost.


Donahue said he received an e-mail from the show’s producer, within minutes after the interview ended, apologizing for what happened.


Donahue said he was asked to use his PAN skills to remote view Wednesday’s lottery in Johannesburg and was prepared to predict these numbers, but Tarkington never gave him the opportunity. She didn’t even ask about his work in world lotteries, or ask about his predictions about world events for the coming year.


He said that because of the size of the listening audience he had for this interview, he was prepared to talk about these events. This is the third time he has been cut off from making these predictions by radio hosts since January 1, when Coast to Coast radio host Art Bell ducked out of an interview and George Noory cut the interview he had to about ten minutes.


The show has affiliates that listen all over the world, including South America, Europe and North America.


Donahue says the events looming for this year are so dark, he won’t talk about them until he has a large enough audience listening so that collectively, their mental thoughts might work to alter the course of events.


From that standpoint alone, Tarkington appears to have made a grave blunder.


You will not want to miss what Aaron has to say about all this tonight on Voice of Lucifer Internet radio. To listen go to The show starts at 9 p.m. Eastern.



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