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It Was A BB Gun

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Police Shot Him In Cold Blood
By Aaron C. Donahue
Jan. 14, 2006
LONGWOOD, Fla. - It was in an instant, with a SWAT team surrounding him, that Christopher David Penley slipped into an alcove in a school bathroom and raised what officers believed was a black 9 mm Beretta handgun, authorities said. Moments later, a deputy shot him.
The youth was pronounced clinically brain dead on Saturday. It was later revealed that the child had been holding a pellet gun.


This poor child was shot in cold blood by jack-booted penis-helmeted robo-cob automatons.

News continued:

At a news conference following the shooting Friday at suburban Orlando's Milwee Middle School, authorities put the weapon side-by-side with a Beretta. It appeared to have been painted with black paint covering the red or pink markings on the muzzle that may have indicated to officers that it was a nonlethal weapon.

"As you can see, it doesn't take a professional to see how close this looks to the real thing. I would not be able to tell the difference," said Joyce Dawley, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement special agent in charge of the investigation.


It takes a REAL professional to know the difference between an impossibly light and narrow body of a pellet gun and a heavy wide body of any Beretta handgun. I know handguns and I know what a pellet gun looks like. Do not be fooled. The shooting of this innocent child is a travesty and THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR IT.

There are NON-LETHAL methods of quickly subduing any person or persons of a perceived threat especially when skillfully isolated from any means of escape.

The sadness continues:

Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger said the incident began about 9:38 a.m., when another student saw Penley with the toy gun and struggled with him for it. Pointing the gun at the other student's back, Penley directed him to a closet, dimmed the lights and left the classroom, Eslinger said.

The school went into a frenzied state of mass hysteria and lockdown.

From there, the sheriff said, he "traveled with this firearm throughout the campus" before ending up in a bathroom. By then, more than 40 officers, including SWAT and negotiators, were on scene. He refused to drop the firearm, Eslinger said.


Here we have a highly trained readiness team called S.W.A.T., "negotiators", and Forty armed, armored, and dangerous grown men hunting one pellet gun toting child to the point of total isolation within a bathroom!

The story gets worse:

"During this standoff, and during the chase, the student said he was going to kill himself or die," Eslinger said.

At Penley's home, a person who answered the phone Saturday said the family wasn't ready to discuss what had happened.

Those who know the teenager say he was unhappy and being bullied at school. He had run away from home several times, said Kelly Swofford, a neighbor whose 11-year-old son was friends with Penley.

"He said he had something planned," said Jeffery Swofford, 11. "He said `I hope I die today because I don't really like my life.'"

He also said that Penley was in a disagreement with someone, allegedly over a girl. There was going to be a fight Friday, he said. "I heard that he had a BB gun."


A teen falls in love and wants to die. Does this sound familiar?

Like the former Columbine incident, this story involves the FACT that a child's heartfelt call for help was blatantly ignored. No one counseled the child about the emotionality of early love, early physiology, emotional release, and our society.

Shooting this child in his broken heart stains us all with contempt.

I am reminded of the ubiquitous unarmed Bobby of England's great past and the deadly confrontations of today's armed Bobby. When people are given guns, they tend to shoot each other.

Intractable social decline is always marked by the sanctioning of deadly force for reasons contrary to the human heart. Inherently, we all know what is right and what we must do to protect our children from indifference.

The shooting of a child confused in love requires spiritual justice. The sanctioning of this child's suffering for any reason defines evil.

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