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The Future In Electronic Information Will Be Uncensored Internet


By James Donahue

January 2006


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue said he has always seen the future in world communications and entertainment in the personal home computer, but for years he did not know why.


Now as the technology advances for radio, telephone, television and film presentations on larger computer screens via the World Wide Webb, and the religious zealots in Washington force tighter control on regular radio, television and telephone communications, we are beginning to see Aaron’s vision come into reality.


The most dramatic example of the way Federal Communications Commission rules are affecting the entertainment industry is perhaps the Howard Stern move from publicly-controlled cable network shows to Sirius, a satellite radio system that escapes the pressure of government censorship.


Ironically, Donahue also finds himself caught in the trip of public radio and television censorship, but for a different reason. Unlike the “Shock Jock” Stern, Donahue is not breaking public laws prohibiting church induced morality issues. But he is shocking his listeners none-the-less with his anti-Christian and anti-religious declarations that Lucifer is the real father of the human race, and that the masses have been misled for thousands of years by angelic-inspired religious systems.


While there is no written law against saying what he says, Donahue finds that the producers, promoters and directors of public radio and television, and even the archaic and dying newspaper empires, are loath to publish what he has to say.


It is not that Donahue doesn’t capture a large audience of interested followers whenever he gets access to public media. He does. The people who run these empires are making their own morality judgment when it comes to Aaron. They obviously disagree with his views and take it upon themselves to do everything in their power to make sure their listeners, and especially the youth, cannot hear what Donahue has to say.


Behold the Internet has arrived in the nick of time. Early but fast developing technologies in Internet radio and telephone transmissions are here and Donahue, with the help of a few dedicated individuals who believe in him, are patching a radio system together that can be heard all over the world.


Thus his Voice of Lucifer radio message is going on the air, via the web, every Sunday night in the Eastern Standard time zone within the United States. That makes it an early evening show on the West Coast, and a Monday morning show for people listening overseas.


And they are listening. Not only are the numbers of listeners on the Voice of Lucifer site growing steadily, other maverick Internet radio systems are picking up on the VOL signal and carrying the live program, or they are downloading it for playing at other times.


A recent link to Acidplanet, a mostly music site, has opened Voice of Lucifer programming to a continuous stream that includes a dial-up Unicast stream at 20 kb and a Abacast broadband stream at 48 kb. An Abacast plug-in is available to listeners without charge that assures higher quality stream connection. Acidplanet offers room for an unlimited audience during any and all shows.


New programming is planned this year. A Friday evening Luciferian News Hour is already offered and more shows are in the works as new and better technical equipment is being purchased.


Television also is moving into the Internet, and Donahue is currently looking at expanding the parameters of his show to include live televised broadcasts.


The reason there is so much interest in shifting over to the Internet for public broadcast, print and visual media is simple. There is no control by the FCC over what is said as long as the material stays within the parameters of legality. For example, a video stream of child pornography is not legal and people caught doing this are subject to arrest and criminal conviction.


The FCC operates under jurisdiction of the revised 1966 Telecommunications Act that makes no provision permitting FCC interference with internet broadcasts.


Consequently, Donahue, Stern and anyone else utilizing Internet or satellite radio systems remain free at this time to broadcast whatever music or spoken word they choose, no matter the content.


As long as the law remains as it presently reads, creativity will continue to flourish in this exciting new and yet uncharted world of Internet communications. And Aaron C. Donahue will have a brief moment in time to get his vital message told to a world in serious trouble, before all communications go dark.


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