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The Iraq War Has Been A Total Bust


By James Donahue

Jan. 6m 2006


In spite of the political spin by Washington politicians and the media, America’s two-year-old adventure in Iraq, in pursuit of cheap oil to keep its capitalistic machine operating, has been a complete failure.


While Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld talks about “downsizing” our forces in Iraq and letting U.S.-trained Iraqi troops take over, following the “success” of last month’s national elections, the insurgents are on the attack like never before. They are leaving a literal trail of blood and gore on the streets, they are disrupting any effort to produce and ship oil, and they have turned that war-torn country into hell-on-earth.


On his blog page this week, Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue says attempts at forcing Iraqis to become a democracy will fail. He says the democratic concept is a by-product of capitalism, and that capitalism is a wasteful system that must be brought to an end because the world can no longer tolerate that kind of misuse of its dwindling natural resources.


“Democracy will not be allowed as per a future borne of necessity,” Donahue writes. “Think of what it has been costing American taxpayers to blow up sand dunes in Iraq over the past five years. The maintenance of an ever-so wasteful American way of life and a non-realistic anticipation of cheap and abundant oil is clearly a motivating factor.


“Perhaps the reason could also be an aberrant form of collective greed that is deeply engrained within the capitalist culture of America? Could it be a societal case of greed driven stupidity, cultural indifference, mindless arrogance, and perverse gratification through violence?


“I call it nothing more than the inevitable collective insanity of capitalism,” Donahue said.


One of our “allies” in the Iraq War has been Australia, but even there, the sentiment is turning against continued bloodshed in the Middle East.


The Australian, a major daily newspaper, reported this week that the United States is beginning a drawdown of troops in Iraq this year because “the nation is running out of money.”


The report said the United States will have expended a $16.4 billion appropriation for Iraqi reconstruction by this summer and there is “little prospect of further multi-billion-dollar injections.”


Recognizing that the Iraq adventure has been a failure, the Bush Administration is silently moving to a new plan, which will focus on the new Iraqi government’s capacity to manage its own affairs, the story said.


The story quoted one unnamed U.S. official as saying that “U.S. reconstruction is basically aiming for completion (this) year. No one ever intended for outside assistance to continue indefinitely, but rather to create conditions where the Iraqi economy can use reconstruction of essential services to get going on its own.”


All of which is a nice way of saying that after bombing the hell out of that nation, and failing to grasp control of the oil deposits as planned, the United States is now prepared to turn tail and run for cover.


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