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Christianity Rocked By West Virginia Mine Incident


By James Donahue

Jan. 5, 2006


When he forecast the beginning of the destruction of the Christian Church during his New Year’s radio broadcast, Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue may not have been expecting to see the breakdown start as quickly and dramatically as it did.


Just three days later, as friends and families of 13 trapped coal miners gathered in a West Virginia Baptist Church to pray for their safety, that well-publicized incident shook the very foundations of the church.


Mixed signals, confused interpretations of the messages transmitted by rescue workers deep in the mine, launched a rumor among the families that 12 of the miners were found alive. Within moments the report was circulating as fact and was getting reported on the national news. The people began dancing in the street as the church bells rang in the background. People were praising Jesus for answered prayer all over the land.


The jubilation continued for something like two hours before the truth was known . . . all but one of the miners was found dead and that one survivor was so critically hurt by the high levels of carbon dioxide in the mine shaft he may never fully recover.


There was enough of a time slot between reports that the talking heads on network television stations began interviewing representatives of the religious element, who quickly declared to the nation that the survival of those 12 miners was an example of God’s great work and answered prayer. It got so bad there was almost a tent revival going on across the nation during those early morning hours as one-by-one speakers expressed their praise for the almighty.


Then the bad news hit and we saw that euphoria suddenly shift to anger and despair. The damage that incident caused to the Christian psyche not only in Sago but throughout the nation, must have been massive. The event was so heavily publicized that Christians all over the United States and possibly the world were undoubtedly praying for these miners and their families.


The realization that their prayers to the invisible god in the sky did not work must have had a profound impact.


Under the circumstances, the probabilities of any of those men escaping from that situation were extremely low. They were equipped with oxygen tanks supplying no more than an hour of good air. They were on the wrong side of the blast that virtually destroyed the mine’s ventilation system, so there was nothing but carbon dioxide-laced air for the men to breathe once those tanks went dry.


Carbon dioxide is an odorless, colorless and invisible killer that attacks the nervous system in insidious ways. Had the men been reached before they died, they would have suffered intense brain damage. Because of the dangers, the rescue workers were forced to work slowly and methodically, rebuilding the mine’s air duct system as they worked their way deep into the mine where the men were trapped.


It would have taken a real miracle to have saved the miners. Unfortunately, this was not a week for miracles from the angelic realms that manipulate the world religious systems.

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