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Critic Laments Lack Of Creative Thought In The Arts


By James Donahue

January 2006


A news critic’s recent comments on the electronic arts, from films to contemporary music, stated that people have slacked off buying new music and videogames and going to movie theaters.


The writer noted “a curious form of creative paralysis” sweeping the nation and that “film critics are struggling to fill out their lists of the ten best” for 2005.


The writer said: “creative executives in the TV and music business are being hammered by their bosses, who are asking why the machinery for producing hits seems to have broken down.”


How strange that they are only now noticing something is wrong. Something has been going amiss in the creative arts in America for at least the last decade or longer.


Perhaps it has something to do with the sliding mental state of most Americans and the subsequent ease by which the arts writers and producers could crank out useless and unexpressive junk that continued to have a following. As for me, I have not been compelled to purchase a new recording in several years because I haven’t heard a single new “pop star” out there with a sound that rose above the noise you hear when you turn on a kitchen garbage disposal.


The film industry has been drawing folks in with the help of dramatic new computer-produced visual graphics, but after watching a few of these “blockbusters” on the wide screen, we have the sense that we have been there and done that, and want to go back to watching creative new drama. You can only have a certain number of super storms, volcanoes in the heart of Los Angeles and giant meteorites striking the earth across that full color screen. Where do you go after that?


Unfortunately, I fear that the new and upcoming writers lack the mental capability to produce the good creative drama that some of us desire. Most of the potential writers are graduating from college these days without the basic skills that people once acquired by the time they got through the eighth grade.


Just pop into a contemporary Internet chat room for a few minutes and notice how poorly the young people spell, or build sentence structure, and you will get a sense of what I am saying. Check your change at most stories if you have a youthful clerk working without a modern computerized check register, and you will discover that people can no longer add or subtract numbers in their head.


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue complains that he believes there has been a general breakdown of the human race in recent years, and that there are distinct signs everywhere that we are degenerating.


He is attempting to call forth youth via his Sunday night Voice of Lucifer Internet radio lectures to join him in a spiritual and mental awakening. It is Donahue’s belief that humans have been blocked by angelic-driven religious systems from what was supposed to have been a natural evolutionary development.


Indeed, the media arts have been turning out such poor quality material that even the comatose masses are beginning to lose interest.


Americans should be especially alarmed by this development. History has shown that the loss of the ability to produce creative arts is always a prelude to the fall of a nation.



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