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Anti-Christian Jeans Catching On In Sweden


By James Donahue

December 2005


A reader sent me a link to an Associated Press story about how the youth in Sweden are buying new “Cheap Monday” jeans featuring a logo with a skull and upside down cross on its forehead.


Dubbed the anti-Christian jeans, the slacks are a hot item among the youth, not only because of the logo, but because they have a trendy tight fit and sell for a low price.


The logo’s designer says he has “a great dislike” for organized religion and that the logo is an active statement against Christianity.


Of course, the jeans are raising a reaction from the church. Some buyers have ripped off the Cheap Monday labels and even returned the jeans after they discover what the logo represents.


We see the popularity of the jeans among the youth, however, as a healthy sign of a growing rebellion among the youth throughout the Scandinavian countries, and all through Europe, against Christianity. There has been a keen interest there in Aaron C. Donahue’s Luciferian concepts.


Not only does Donahue have a growing number of listeners in Sweden, Norway and other adjoining countries, but some of the contemporary bands are writing songs with lyrics dubbing in Donahue’s voice with various comments expressed about our current social condition.


Donahue says he is not surprised that he is gaining a following in that part of the world. He says he sees the youth of the world as the hope for the planet.


“There must be a socialist movement,” he says. “The next generation will be the one that will make it happen. I see myself as their voice.”


Donahue warns that allowing a continuation of the current democratic/capitalist system for much longer will only bring about a fast destruction of our already dying planet and threaten the extinction of the human race.


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