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Genetic Manipulation

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Jesus The Manipulated Son Of Gabriel


By James Donahue

Dec. 26, 2005


The real “Christmas Story” was revealed by Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue to his radio listeners Sunday. And reality doesn’t jive with the Bible’s account of events that occurred some 2000 years ago.


Donahue said Jesus was really the bastard son of Joseph since he and Mary had sex before they were married. The couple, obviously caught up in an elaborate angelic-inspired plot to establish a new and more powerful religious system, created an elaborate but very old story concerning a virgin birth.


This is because the two lived under extreme Jewish law at that time that called for the public execution of women who dared to have sex before marriage. Had they not pulled off this ruse, Donahue said Mary would have been stoned to death in the public square.


He said Joseph loved Mary and became her lawful husband, all the time supporting the story that there had been a miraculous conception.


And in a way, there was. They had angelic help. It appears the arch angel Gabriel was involved in the genetic manipulation of this new child, much as Lucifer was involved in the original act of creating the human race on Earth many thousands of years earlier. Jesus was born to be an advanced human, capable of using both halves of his bicameral brain, and he became a religious rebel who shook both the Jewish faith and the Roman political system to its roots.


The angels, like the demons, are aliens that can and do control events on Earth.


Donahue told his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio listeners Sunday that all four great world religious systems were established by angelic genetic manipulation. In other words, the angels brought their own personal ambassadors into the world at key moments in history to set these religious systems into motion.


Jesus was the last of the four. By the time he arrived the angels had their science down to perfection. This religion, which literally stole components of the best mythology from all of the old belief systems from Nimrod down through the Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures, was carefully structured to capture the mind of mankind and catapult people upward to a new rung of spiritual evolution, Donahue said.


Thus the arrival of Jesus, although plotted and accomplished by the angels, should have served as a good thing for the human race.


But something happened, Donahue said. It was as if the recording was flawed and it just kept playing over and over, and is still skipping back over the old story even today.


“While humans have evolved mentally since the time of Christ, they have been stuck spiritually,” he said. “This was not supposed to happen. Christianity was supposed to have been abandoned a thousand years ago and we were supposed to have evolved above it.”


Donahue has explained that the conflict between the angels and demons was established on Earth to impede humans, thus causing mental and spiritual development. It originally was a balanced system, but something happened. The angels somehow got the upper hand and the world religious system has become not only unbalanced, but corrupted.


It is leading mankind right into self-destruction.


Gabriel understands the problem and decided to cross sides and join forces with Lucifer in an effort to set things right, Donahue said.


Thus we have the irony of the genetic father of Jesus, the named father of one of the most destructive religious systems ever created on the planet, joining forces with efforts to stop the march of Christianity and help get the system back in balance.


Donahue concluded his three-hour lecture Sunday by saying that he had so much more to tell about these amazing world-shattering events but he would have to save this information for later shows.

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