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Big American Churches Are Closing On Xmas Sunday


By James Donahue

Dec. 8, 2005


If you thought Xmas is about Jesus, think again.


News stories in the United States and even Europe are expressing amazement that many American “megachurches” are cancelling morning worship services on Xmas Day, even though the holiday falls on a Sunday.


The services are being cancelled, the reports say “because clergy fear attendance will be poor. Worshippers are instead being encouraged to spend the day with their families.”


A story in the UK Telegraph said “critics within the evangelical community are aghast, especially as they are already fighting what they see as the festival’s secularism.”


Indeed, it seems that the Christian church is showing its true colors this season.


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue maintains that money is the true god of the human race. That churches would close their doors on one of the holiest days of the Christian year, the alleged birthday of Jesus Christ, means that the spiritual ties among the members are non-existent.


Members prefer to stay home to open gifts, pay homage to gaudy materialism, and gorge themselves on holiday foods and drink. The task of trudging off to church for even an hour to go through the boring routine of praying to an invisible (and non-extent) god figure somewhere above the church steeple, is just getting in the way of the fun.


But not to fear. The true god will be worshipped. The masses will sit in a stupor from too much candy, rich food and drink as they pay homage to the angel that rules their world.


Aaron’s proposal for an execution of Santa Clause, posted in effigies on our front yards, is highly symbolic of the very thing humanity should be doing this holiday season.


We need to shake off the angel and shut down the materialistic madness. It has no place in the true world of the spiritually awake.


We do not concern ourselves with this holiday, other than sense the deep dark feeling of dread that builds from the mental thoughts of the spiritually blind masses around us. Trips to the stores for groceries or basic necessities are filled with sound blasts of Christmas carols and Jingle Bells and all of the gaudy decorative trappings of the holiday. We return home feeling unclean and terribly in need of a spiritual bath.



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