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Angelic Army Gathering In United Religious Front


By James Donahue

November 2005


With the Luciferian movement gaining world strength and its members declaring that the parasitic angels must be driven back into submission, there is evidence the angels have established an army of religious zombies to battle for their cause.


Angels are aliens existing in an astral world outside of our conscious awareness and also in a universe where time does not exist. Thus the angels saw the Luciferian assault coming and began preparing for it as early as 1993.


That was when Episcopal Bishop William Swing, of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, began meeting with religious and spiritual leaders around the world to organize what is known as the United Religions Initiate, an organization fostering communication and cooperation.


Bishop Swing wasn’t fooling around on this. He met with the Pope, the Dali Lama, Mother Teresa, the Sheik of El-Ashar, the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Ecumenical Patriarch of Istanbul and even included the Gorbachev Foundation in his dialogue. Surprisingly, the Gnostic religious leaders and even the Wicca were included. He left no stone unturned.


Swing’s United Religious Initiative, which now is chartered as a legitimate organization with headquarters in San Francisco, seeks to be patterned after the United Nations, except that it will serve the world religions instead of governments. Its voiced goal is world peace, justice and a healing of the Earth.


In June 2000, delegates representing 64 different religions from 65 countries gathered in Pittsburg, Pa., to sign the URI charter. This brought the United Religious Organization into official existence, with hundreds of grass roots groups all over the world. These circles connect through the Internet.


Now Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue is utilizing his Internet radio show to reveal the truth about the angelic manipulation of humans. He is gathering a following of mostly young men and women looking for a new spiritual path. Donahue’s revelation that the human race is the genetically-produced product of yet another alien known to the world as a fallen arch angel Lucifer has established a hard line between Luciferians and religious circles.


That is because the Luciferians are learning to shuck their “holy guardian angels” and religious leaders are angelic controlled individuals with their minds clamped shut.


Donahue teaches that angels are parasites that attach themselves to babies while still in the womb, and then, if allowed, remain attached to each person for life, constantly manipulating thought and actions. He says the angelic agenda has always been to lead humanity down a path of self destruction.


Donahue has gained the support of Gabriel, one of the four arch angels, and is working with a group of magickians who are utilizing Gabriel to help keep the other top angels in check. This single act has begun to have its effect in world political and military circles. He says they are working hard to head off a world movement toward World War III.


It is not surprising that the angels are already doing battle with Donahue and the Luciferians. The attacks are vicious and they come out of nowhere almost daily. Radio programming is interrupted, false allegations are made by neighbors and listeners, and the simple task of going to the grocery store can be dangerous. Cars operated by angelic-possessed humans can swerve across the center lane and cause a collision. Thus the war has clearly moved out of the spiritual realm and into the physical one.


Notice that the UR’s goal includes world peace and a healing of the planet. This seems to be in step with the Luciferian goal of stopping a global war and saving the Earth from further destruction from overpopulation and reckless savaging of resources. But for the angelic realm, the statement is pure rhetoric. It has no meaning.


Donahue is advocating a one-world socialist government, something that is compatible with the goals of the Gorbachev Foundation. And he is promoting the concept of a government with a strong spiritual movement toward mental evolution of humans, strict population control, and an all-out effort to preserve the planet.


A key to accomplishing this goal, Donahue says, is the elimination of all organized religious systems. He teaches that the angels have used religion to enslave mankind for thousands of years and to block their mental and spiritual evolution.


Thus Bishop Swing’s United Religious Organization is, in effect, an army of angelic soldiers, already in battle dress and with swords drawn, waiting in the shadows for the order to attack. The angels knew we were coming.


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