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The Voluntary Rush To Human Extinction


By James Donahue

November 2005


There is an organization in San Francisco known as the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement that believes the extinction of mankind is the only thing that can save this planet.


Unfortunately, they are probably right. The solution to our problem, however, is more radical and terrifying than even they might believe.


The VHE claims to be dedicated to phasing out the human race. Organization Founder Les Knight explained in a recent news article:  “Wherever humans live, not much else lives. It isn’t that we’re evil and want to kill everything - - it’s just how we live.”


Knight has some shocking human population statistics to back up his crusade to drive the human race from the face of the planet.


He says there are 16,000 new babies born every hour and that our current global population is somewhere around 6.5 billion, rushing toward 7 billion. Thus the planet is too populated to support our numbers now, and we can’t seem to stop having more children. Human resources are rapidly running out, we have polluted our land, water and air to a point where we are experiencing lung problems, we can’t grow enough food or get a healthy drink without gulping down some form of poison.


Knight quotes a 1994 study that concluded a single person born that decade would be responsible during a lifetime for 22 million pounds of liquid waste and 2.2 million pounds each of solid waste and atmospheric waste. That person also will have a lifetime consumption of 4,000 barrels of oil, 1.5 million pounds of minerals and 62,000 pounds of animal products that will necessitate the slaughter of 2000 animals.


Knight and his followers believe that humans just don’t belong on this planet.


Strangely, as Luciferians, we agree with Knight. We are, in fact, a genetic alteration by an alien race and we possess the blood of Lucifer in our veins. We occupy bodies created by the Mother Earth, but because of the genetic manipulation, we are not bound by the natural rules that control all other species of animals. We have the capability of choice and we can, if we choose, destroy our environment.


But we made a covenant with Lucifer many thousands of years ago, when we were created, to protect and love the Mother Earth and not do what we have done.


Because we broke this holy covenant, the human race is now doomed to a forced extinction, whether people like it or not. Knight is going to get his wish. In fact, the humans on this planet seem to be rushing headlong toward their own extinction without much care about what they are doing, or why.


It was not supposed to happen this way, of course.


When Lucifer created us, there was a supreme purpose. We were expected to be good stewards of the planet, not pollute with toxic chemicals, greenhouse gas emissions, plastics and nuclear weaponry. We were supposed to evolve spiritually and mentally so that instead of telephones and loud speakers, we communicated telepathically. We were supposed to be capable by now of leaving our bodies at will and live both in this three-dimensional place and visit the astral world that surrounds us.


We also were supposed to expand our numbers to 10 billion humans, all living in harmony and in one mind. Once reaching that number, with all of our evolved brains working together, we would become super communicators, all thinking as one. In short, we would be a powerful force in the universe. We would be a physical god capable of altering our creation.


But we fucked it all up when we let the angels fool us into thinking they were the gods. When man bowed down to the angels and created religion, we took the wrong path.


We are still on that path today and it is leading us right to the edge of a massive precipice from where we will fall to our extinction. And extinction will not just be going out of our bodies. It will be total loss of consciousness of who we are and ever were. It will be the loss of the collective subconscious memory of all that ever was.


It will be total nothing.


If Knight really understood what he was headed for, he would be screaming in the streets in an effort to divert what he has been involved with all of his life . . . his own extinction.



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