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Drifting Away From Organized Religion


By James Donahue

November 2005


Gazing through a recent article about a growing popularity in a new on-line congregation that calls itself Universist, we couldn’t help picking up some of the reasons why an estimated 8000 people have turned to this odd order of “seekers.”


To be a Universist you must doubt and be uncertain about everything. You can believe in God if you choose, or you might not. It doesn’t matter. The only dogma the organization practices is uncertainty, says the Universist leader Ford Vox.


Vox, who lives in Birmingham, Alabama, right in the heart of the Bible Belt, has built his congregation via the Internet over the last two years. Members often meet in cafes and living rooms across the nation. They join online chats with scientists and theologians. They all admit their confusion.


The story notes that members relinquish any hope of cosmic truth and worship by just wondering “how we got here, and why, and what lies ahead.”


Vox says the group is trying to “rework religion from within.”


The writer of the article then notes that Americans are turning away from traditional religions in vast numbers. “They are not giving up on God, but they are casting aside the rituals and labels they grew up with.”


While conventional churches still have a major influence on Americans, with more than 300,000 Protestant congregations operating in the United States, the number of people claiming no religion has more than doubled in the last ten years. The story says more than 27 million adults, nearly one in seven, reject all religious labels, according to the City University of New York’s American Religious Identification Survey.


Among the committed Christians, an estimated 20 million have “largely forsaken their local church in favor of discussion groups with friends, Bible study with colleagues or spiritual questioning online.”

It seems that people are beginning to awaken. They are conscious that something may be wrong with the established religion that has dominated our society for thousands of years and are looking for new spiritual pathways.


They are looking for Luciferian spiritualism.


The problem is, they have been brainwashed so skillfully and for so many generations, the very name of Lucifer sends shivers up and down their spines. They identify Lucifer as “the Devil.” To them, he is evil incarnate. The very mention of the name is so repulsive it frightens them away.


That was exactly what the angels wanted humans to do. They want everybody to flee when the name of Lucifer is raised.


They do not understand that Lucifer is the progenitor of the human race. His DNA is in every cell in our bodies. His light is the very god within. It is that mysterious something that we call the soul.


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue is in the world now to reveal Lucifer to all who will listen. It is a brief, bright moment in the final hour when a select few will hear, and understand.


Donahue offers a new and exciting spiritual path for searchers like Vox's Universists to follow. His website can be found at His Sunday evening Internet radio broadcasts can be heard at

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