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What If Real Evil Is Universally Worshipped As Good?


By James Donahue

Nov. 8, 2005


A recent writing by Edward O’Toole dared to ask the question displayed in the headline of this story. The article jumped out at me because it was the first hint that people in the world are beginning to grasp the message Psychic Aaron C. Donahue has been struggling for years to reveal.


In his article titled “Gnostic Musings for Halloween,” O’Toole also asks: “What if, through centuries of persecution, the mephitic has subdued the majority into a numbed, blind belief of which any questioning incurs retribution?”


O’Toole, obviously with tongue-in-cheek, then proceeds to put on the record all of the smiting and killing of humans by God as recorded in the Bible, and compare them to the evil workings of Satan. He reaches the conclusion that God is the corrupted one who is constantly judging and killing people and never keeping his promises, while the worst Satan can be blamed for is tempting Adam and Eve and Jesus and giving Job a few boils. Beyond that, there is no record of killing anybody by Satan.


O’Toole concludes that the God of the scriptures “demands absolute worship – and slaughters in horrific ways those who refuse to give it. His only desire, his raison d’etre, is to be a god – to be THE God of his own realm.”


While he doesn’t go that far, O’Toole is clearly proving Donahue’s warning that the god of the Christians and the Jews has been an angel all along. The religion and even the production of the Holy Bible as a pattern for living that faith, has been manufactured by angelic influence from day one.


Donahue charges that angels were responsible for the Four Great Religions of the world that have kept humans in bondage for thousands of years and prevented their spiritual and mental evolution.


The Christian religion, he says, is the very worst of the lot. That religion encourages materialism, sexual suppression and a wholesale destruction of the planet.


With the help of a team of magickians from around the world, Donahue this week is keeping the three arch angels, or generals in the angelic army, in check. He told his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio audience Sunday that the angels are going to be given an ultimatum. Either they submit to their place as subservient to humans, leave the planet, or perish.


Donahue is threatening a war that will end in the destruction of the angelic realm if they refuse to submit.


In the meantime, he is urging people to reject their holy guardian angels. He said these are real, and they are spiritual parasites that attach themselves to humans while they are babies still in the womb.


Most people spend their lives being subconsciously guided by the angel within them. They are therefore being manipulated to do things outside of their conscious awareness.

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