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Human Manipulation May Not Be Subtle Anymore


By James Donahue

November 2005


Most people are unaware of just how skillfully manipulated they are every day by angelic, religious and commercial interests to do certain things, accept certain concepts, buy certain products and vote for certain candidates and issues.


We are bombarded with subliminal messages hidden within television broadcasts, movies, radio transmissions and even canned store and elevator music. Large color advertisements in magazines and newspapers often have secret images implanted within them that only the subconscious mind can see. Even public speaking has become an art form with secret messages encoded within the words you hear.


Our world is filled with advertising posters. They appear on the sides of buildings, on buses, on baseball stadium walls, in the sky. We can’t go anywhere that we don’t find somebody advertising. Our computers are bugged with devices that post pop-up ads in our faces. The telephone has been ruined by constant promotional calls by mindless machines. We can’t watch a movie without getting products promoted in subtle ways in your face. Actors drink certain brands of a beverage with the label clearly seen. They drive certain brands of vehicles. Billboards are clearly seen in the background.


Few people think for themselves. What we may believe are original and creative ideas have very likely been implanted in our heads by external sources. We create from the subconscious memory of a political or promotional message. If those aren’t influencing how we think, the whispers of angels into the subconscious are also manipulating our thoughts.


This is why democratic systems of government cannot work. When you leave decisions to the masses, the masses can be influenced to do whatever a ruler wishes. Thus the democracy becomes a monarchy in disguise.


In a brief way I have attempted to point out the subtle ways in which humans are managed, controlled and directed by button pushers throughout the daily scheme of events. But now there is a new and less subtle method of human control about to come on the market.


The Japanese telephone company Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. has developed a way to turn humans into robotic machines by simply having them put on a special cap that sends electronic signals into the inner ears.


Designed to help make electronic gaming more realistic, the device sends a very low voltage electric current from the back of the ears through the head, from either left or right, depending on the way a joystick on a remote-control device is moved.


The effects on a person wearing the cap are astounding. The simple turn of a joystick can force a person to sway or turn right or left, in spite of that person’s efforts to walk in a straight line.


One writer who tested the device said the phenomenon is painless but dramatic. “Your feet start to move before you know it. I could even remote-control myself by taking the switch into my own hands.”


While the device is being developed for games, the implications for military and political controls of large numbers of people are frightening. All it will take is for someone to find a way to send low voltage transmissions through the air, without the use of the voluntary donning of a special cap, and you have a machine that can control armies.


Timothy Hullar, assistant professor at Washington University School of Medicine, said all it would take was to find a way to deliver an electromagnetic field to the ear from a distance and the technology becomes a weapon.


Hullar suggested that it could be a non-lethal weapon that could simply make the opponent dizzy. That idea has not escaped other observers. Invocon Inc., a Texas based defense contractor, is already exploring ways to fire precisely tuned electromagnetic pulses into people’s ears to temporarily subdue them.


If successful, the police can soon throw away their controversial tazers and start using dizzy guns to knock unruly subjects to the ground. Instead of stunning them, cops can simply make them too dizzy to stand up.

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