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Kashmir Disaster Rekindles Threat Of Nuclear War


By James Donahue

Oct. 11, 2005


The deadly 7.6 magnitude earthquake that destroyed entire towns along the borders of northern Pakistan and northern India at the disputed Himalayan province of Kashmir Saturday has set the stage for revised hostilities between India and Pakistan over possession of Kashmir.


Few people are thinking about war while survivors and relief workers rush to the scene to bring aid, rescue the trapped and search for bodies. The death count has risen to an estimated 35,000 and is expected to go much higher before the clean-up is completed.


Notice that nightly news pictures show a lot of uniformed soldiers in both India and Pakistan working in the rubble, helping in the rescue operations immediately following the disaster.


The soldiers are not there by accident. They have long been stationed at that border, watching like sentinels across the Kashmir landscape and waiting for a chance to make a crucial move in a military chess game that has been going on for a very long time.


This beautiful picturesque country is currently declared a province of Pakistan after periods of political struggling among religious factions that constantly show their hostility toward one another, nearly bringing India and Pakistan to open warfare.


Both nations possess nuclear weapons and are headed by leaders who, until now, have demonstrated enough sense not to use them. This has probably been the reason open warfare over Kashmir has not broken out before now.


While Kashmir has been declared by poets and artists as “paradise on earth,” the people who live there may have disagreed, even before their homes, schools and shops were leveled by this terrible trembler. They have been living under the cloak of terrorism and fear for a very long time.


The problem is ugly. It is called religion. Buddhism, Hinduism and Islamic belief systems all rub shoulders in this place. It is said they all lived somewhat peacefully until Islamic fundamentalism spread its deadly fingers into the territory. This theo-fascist band of Moslems practice intolerance for “infidels,” or those who disagree with their personal radical belief system. Thus, as occurs when religious fervor occurs anywhere in the world, we have conflict that often turns deadly.


The picture just prior to the deadly earthquake was this. Pakistan forces held control of Kashmir, declaring the territory a providence of Pakistan. To maintain that control, a heavy contingent of troops was stationed at the border.


The quake, however, has made some radical changes. With the epicenter in the heart of Kashmir, most towns have been leveled, including the military base located at the border. Thus there may be a sudden shift in military supremacy in the region.


While India is rushing food, tents and offering other assistance to Pakistan, military leaders may already be sizing up the situation for a swift counter move that will shift control of Kashmir to India.


If this happens, and based on the long history of the region there is no reason not to expect it, then Pakistan may be tempted to retaliate with an act of aggression.


Remember that both Pakistan and India are nuclear nations. They both have the bomb and the means to deliver it into each other’s territories.


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue says he sees is a serious threat of nuclear war looming in this region, largely because of this earthquake. And the United States could be involved due to a strange alliance the nation has had with Pakistan during our quest for oil in both neighboring Afghanistan and Iraq.


Watch what happens in this region during the next few weeks.

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