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Miers And Roberts Threaten A Church-Run State


By James Donahue

Oct. 6, 2005


The writing is clearly on the wall. It has been ever since voters foolishly chose to re-elect fundamental Christian George W. Bush to a second term in office.


If Congress gets in lock-step and confirms this latest appointment of Harriet Miers to a vacancy on the U. S. Supreme Court, America is about to shift into a church-run state where Christianity rules in public places, including our schools.


Both Miers and Roberts have Roman Catholic backgrounds. Miers shifted to fundamental Christendom following a “conversion experience” later in life, which makes her even more adamant about the controversial issues of Right-to-Life, school prayer, and “Intelligent Design” the new code phrase for creationism.


It will not take the Christians long to bring all of these issues and even others, like posting the Ten Commandments in public places and displaying the nativity scene and Christmas trees in schools and courthouse lawns before the newly constructed bench.


If it has anything to do with the false Jesus God, you know the vote will swing in favor of the church. There will be nothing to stop a complete dismantling of the doctrine of separation of church and state in our society, in spite of Constitutional promises.


Worse of all, this new court will mean a complete dismantling of the hard-fought-for victories in women’s rights achieved in the 1960s and 70s. The very loss of the woman’s right to choose in matter of pregnancies; her loss of the right to abort unwanted fetuses will be devastating, not only for women, but for our overpopulated world.


If there is anything the world does not need at this time, it is a gaggle of new and unwanted babies flooding the hospital maternity wards and adoption agencies.


This battle has nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with male domination over women. Much of this control is being used for monetary gain. Sex sells. Business knows it. A half-naked image of an attractive young woman stretched out across a large billboard with a bottle of whiskey in her hand helps sell whisky because it is mentally related to a sexual fantasy.


This is the result of control. It makes a whore out of the woman that agrees to pose for the billboard ad. It degrades women everywhere. It makes them slaves to men, and not an equal.


Expect the Pledge of Allegiance to have the “God” phrase returned.


Expect creationism to be taught to our children in our schools, even though there is no scientific evidence to support it.


Expect the war against Luciferian thought to rage hot and heavy in the months to come. The angelic powers have been clearly in control of the U.S. government and now they are taking over the high court. They are going to bring a great nation to its knees in our lifetime.


George W. Bush is a very bad president. His appointments to the Supreme Court will be remembered as a dark moment in American history.

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