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Aaron’s Economic Prophecy Already Coming True


By James Donahue

Sept. 23, 2005


It was during his May 22 radio broadcast that Psychic Aaron C. Donahue gave a startling message about America’s future.


He said he met himself as a time traveler from the year 2007 and received a warning about events that would severely damage the American economy.


“I see certain events occurring during the year so that by January 1, 2006, everybody is going to know that the American economic system is in a downward spiral. And there is nothing anyone is going to be able to do about it,” Donahue said.


“I am not going to say why. You can reflect on this. America will never recover economically. We are being judged. America did not take care of the children. We are going to reap what we have sewn,” he said.


He also warned that there would be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth as these events unfold. “There will be great suffering because of what is going to happen,” he said.


“Within the next year we are going to see the beginning of the end of this nation’s great financial institutions. America has seen its greatest days. Now it is over,” Donahue said.


He recommended that people invest in Europe because the economy there will stabilize, while America’s economy goes into failure. “That is as good as it is going to get,” he said about the European economic system.


Since that warning, the United States has been struck by Hurricanes Dennis (Florida-July 10), Emily (Mostly Mexico and southern tip of Texas-July 18), Katrina (Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama-Aug. 29), Ophelia (reduced to tropical storm and flooded the East Coast from North Carolina to Newfoundland-Sept. 12-17) and now Rita.


Donahue warns that he foresees still more destructive storms coming yet this season.


Estimates for the cleanup after Katrina are in the billions of dollars. This Class 5 Hurricane leveled entire towns from New Orleans east through Mississippi and Alabama. Now Rita, a carbon copy of Katrina, threatens to level the rest of the Gulf Coast from New Orleans west to Galveston. The storms are wiping out petroleum and natural gas installations ashore and on oil company platforms in the gulf. It also is taking out some of the largest chemical plants in the country.


The cost of building materials, when the world already is crippled by a shortage of lumber and other important natural products, is expected to also go through the roof. One report said many of the nation’s concrete manufacturing plants also are in the line of Rita’s path.


Millions of people from all over the south are literally homeless. Even those with homes still standing are prohibited from returning to them because of the flooding by toxic water. Experts say the buildings are filled with deadly chemicals, mold and bacteria and must be demolished.


The storms that collided with chemical and petroleum factories, tore up cemeteries and left dead bodies floating in the muck created an environmental disaster of a colossal scale.


The price of fuel, caused by the sudden reduction in our ability to supply the nation’s needs even as winter approaches, is already reaching record highs. By the time the Christmas shopping season arrives, homeowners and businesses will be so stunned by the costs of heating, traveling and shipping that people will be holding tightly onto their pocket books.


The Christmas shopping season is a traditional spending frenzy that has become a key ingredient in the nation’s economic system. Failure by merchants to do well could spell disaster and possible bankruptcy for many merchants throughout America.


Thus we are seeing the first elements of Donahue’s prophecy occurring before our eyes on the evening news.


In a way, Donahue says this could be a good thing for the world because it might stave off a national rush by an Armageddonist president toward a world war.


“The best thing for the world now is for America to become piss poor,” Donahue said. “It will make the world a safer place.”


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