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Witch Hunting Thrives In India; Can It Happen In America?


By James Donahue

September 2005


Mobs caught up in tribal superstition are reportedly singling out and murdering people accused of practicing witchcraft and sorcery in India’s northeastern state of Assam.


According to one report, an estimated 200 people are killed every year there by unruly mobs acting like vigilantes. Lynching is the usual method of killing the victims, authorities say.


The story said one middle-aged farmer was attacked with crude weapons before he was lynched because people thought he cast evil spells in the village and caused many people to fall ill.


Other members of the man’s family were threatened but they managed to flee, police said.


The people in the district are Bodos who practice an indigenous religion called Bathow, which involves the worship of trees. But superstitious beliefs, black magic and demonology are part of the dogma, a district magistrate reports.


“We need to get rid of these practices and beliefs to save innocent lives,” the magistrate was quoted as saying.


As a Luciferian and an associate with people who understand the natural forces of our amazing world, I am deeply saddened by this report. It clearly demonstrates the evils of “religious” belief systems, and shows just how deadly they can become when the doctrines become so rigidly fixed there is no room for spiritual growth and new ideas.


Here is a tribe of people that appears to have been Gnostic in their original belief system. They seem to worship the natural order of things because there is a love of trees. They also understand something of the practices of magick and demonology, but the ancient knowledge somehow became bent and twisted. They stopped following the correct spiritual path and went down a wrong road. It led to chaos and killings among their own.


To the outside world this appears to be a stain against all people with a third eye open and an understanding of the spiritual world. What is to stop the radical fundamental Christian movement, which now permeates our federal government, from launching a similar kind of witch hunt on American streets?


While Christians abhor magick ritual and demonology, they follow the twisted teachings within an ancient book that presents a perverted look at sorcery and demons. That many young people in America are expressing interest in a different spiritual movement and abandoning Christianity, suggests that they are taking an interest in spiritual matters, including the reality of aliens in the form of angelic and demonic forces. They also are keenly interested in using natural Earth forces to alter the world as we know it in an attempt to make it better. This in some circles is known as magick. Christians might call it witchcraft.


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue warns that America is rushing backward into the dark ages and that the day may soon come when witch hunting will be vogue once again.


That we could fall so far into darkness seems difficult to believe. And yet, when you look at the stupidity of the masses today, and the performance of the elected leadership now running the country, we must wonder if it isn’t already happening before our eyes.

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