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Mabus Said To Have Confessed To Crimes


By James Donahue

Sept. 7, 2005


An Associated Press news story from Baghdad today quoted Jalal Talabani, the U.S. puppet president of Iraq as saying that Saddam Hussein has confessed to killings and other “crimes” committed during his regime as that country’s dictator.


Talabani added that it was his opinion that Hussein should be “executed many times over,” the story said in a public television interview.


Hussein’s counsel has denied the claim.


Hussein’s trial is set to open on October 19. He and seven other members of his Baath Party cabinet are facing charges for their alleged role in the 1982 massacre of Shites in Dujail following an assassination attempt against Hussein.


This is one of numerous allegations that could be brought against the deposed dictator in Iraqi courts, although some government officials say that if he is found guilty during the first trial, he will probably be executed immediately.


In the television interview, Talabani said Saddam is also guilty of the deaths of more than 180,000 Kurds in an ethnic cleansing during the Anfal campaign in 1987-88.


“Saddam Hussein is a war criminal and he deserves to be executed 20 times a day for his crimes against humanity,” Talabani reportedly said.


In another recent development, Hussein released a public letter declaring himself a martyr for the Arab cause and asked Arabs around the world to follow in his footsteps.


Saddam’s lawyer Abdel Hag Alani said he thought Talabani was trying to prejudice the trial. “Let’s not have a trial on TV. Let the court of law, not the media, make its ruling on this,” he said.


If Talabani is correct and Hussein has confessed to the charges against him, it may mean that the court can simply bring a judgment without holding a trial. In that case, the execution of Saddam Hussein could occur very soon.


And that could be very bad news for the world, according to Psychic Aaron C. Donahue. Donahue says Saddam is the person Sixteenth Century French psychic Nostradamus saw as Mabus (Saddam spelled backwards) in his now infamous quatrain that reads:


“Mabus then will soon die, there will come

A horrible undoing of people and animals;

At once vengeance one will see vengeance,

One hundred hands, thirst, famine, when the comet will run.”


Donahue says that as a psychic, he also sees what Nostradamus was looking at, but with an even clearer view since we are living the very time of that ancient prophetic vision. He says this “horrible undoing of people and animals” will be a plague that will be killing and sickening both humans and animals.


Donahue believes it could be the dreaded H5N1 virus, also known as the bird flu, that has been sweeping Asia and may now be creeping westward into Europe. This is a dangerous pathogen, Donahue said, because it is already jumping from birds to other animals and humans.


He worries that this virus will eventually mutate and begin jumping from human to human. When this happens, he said the world will experience a deadly pandemic that could kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people.


Donahue told his Voice of Lucifer radio audience recently that when he looks into the future, he smells the scent of decaying bodies. He said he believes the world will be swept with more than one killer disease that could wipe out over 5 billion people before it ends.


The trigger event, according to Nostradamus, will be the death of Mabus.


And Aaron Donahue believes Mabus is Saddam Hussein.


The world is running out of time and Donahue is fighting at this time to keep his Internet radio show going. The show went off the air Sunday due to technical problems.


In the meantime, Donahue is about to release a booklet that will contain vital information for enhancing the human immune system to help people ward off these killer diseases. He says a strong immune system will be our only defense against the looming onslaught.


Go to Donahue’s website at for more information or check out DragonKloud's new group's site for updates.

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