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Pope Orders Catholics To Keep On Procreating


By James Donahue

Sept. 6, 2005


Almost missed in all of the horror news from the runaway Hurricane Katrina, a product of an overpopulated and overheated Earth, was a call from the Vatican last week by Pope Benedict XVI.


The Pope, who is obviously spiritually sound asleep, told Catholics to have more babies “for the good of society.” He said some countries in the world are being “sapped of energy” because of low birth rates.


“Having children is a gift that brings life and well-being to society,” this former Nazi told an estimated 15,000 people attending his weekly audience at the Vatican. He said the decline in the number of births “deprives some nations of freshness and energy and of hopes for the future incarnate in children.”


The Pope apparently has not traveled to some of the African nations where overpopulation and crop failure is leading to mass starvation of families, mostly women and children. Nor has he visited South American and Middle American countries where an overpopulated society struggles for food and water and enough sustinance to just maintain. 


He said large families offer security and stability within the home. That might have been true a century ago, when children carried on the family farm and business. It no longer applies today. This Pope has no understanding of reality.


His comments offer stronger reasons why the influence of the Roman Catholic Church has been so damaging to the planet. Many catholic influenced nations are caught up in gross poverty and ignorance because of large families and run-away population growth.


The world population, which hit 6 billion and is rushing onward and upward toward the seven figure, has surpassed the planet’s capability to support, a 1004 report by the World Wide Fund for Nature stated. “We are spending nature’s capital faster than it can regenerate, WWF chief Claude Martin said.


Consequently the world is quickly running out of natural resources. Vital things like lumber, potable water, oil and good farmland are becoming in such demand that nations will soon be at war over the scraps.


What we have done is so severe we have upset the natural ecological balance of the planet. Consequently, the Earth is dying, reports psychic Aaron C. Donahue.


Donahue said he believes it is vital that humans stop having children, that we put immediate controls on our pollution of the air, land and water, and that we begin taking steps now to preserve the planet to insure the best possible future for our children.


Ironically, achieving this means we must stop having children.


The Pontiff, who represents an archaic religious system that should have been closed down hundreds of years ago, has just joined a long list of earth criminals.

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