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Bush Cronies To Profit From Katrina


By James Donahue

Sept. 5, 2005


Why are we not surprised at the announcement that the U.S. Navy has reportedly hired Halliburton Co. to clean up its three hurricane-damaged naval facilities in Mississippi?


The company is contracting to restore power, repair buildings and remove debris from the sites at an undisclosed cost to American taxpayers.


A story in one of the southern newspapers said KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary, also is in line to perform damage assessments at other naval installations in New Orleans.


The story said KBR has a “construction capabilities contract” with the Navy that was awarded in 2004 following competitive bidding.


Halliburton has been a controversial figure in an estimated $1.7 billion contract with the Pentagon for clean-up, repair and military service projects in the Iraq conflict. The company also has been in line for numerous other non-bid contracts with the Corps of Engineers and other government agencies that have gained an undisclosed amount of profits, some reports say.


The link between the U. S. Military and Halliburton is controversial because Vice-President Dick Cheney served as chief executive officer of the company from 1995 and August, 2000 after he became named as President George W. Bush’s running mate in the presidential campaign.


News sources have shown that in spite of Cheney’s denials, he still has financial ties to Halliburton and that under law, all government contracts with the company are illegal. There also has been a question of fairness in bidding for the contracts.


A recent CBS story noted that a lawsuit by Judicial Watch, a conservative public interest group, was dismissed by a federal judge. The suit accused Halliburton and Cheney of misleading investors by changing the way the company counted revenue from construction projects.


It seems that no matter how bad things get for American citizens, the Bush Administration and its friends are managing to use every situation to wring out more and more wealth from an already strained and endangered economy.


With much of the national media still in lock step with the government, small interest groups that wish to rise up in protest of the war and the cronyism going on in Washington are being silenced.

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