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Pope Calls For Dead Jesus Image In Public Buildings


By James Donahue

August 2005


Among his first public acts, Pope Benedict XVI has called for the display of the crucifix in public buildings because he believes God should be present in public life.


If we thought we had problems over presenting the Ten Commandments in county and state courthouses, we have to wonder what would happen if public officials followed the Pope’s call to hang the image of a dead crucified Jesus on the walls.


Most Catholics already hang them on the walls of their homes. Where I used to live, we had a lot of Polish Catholics who liked to put images of Mary in their front yards. For a while, during the remodeling craze of the 1950s, they stick old bathtubs end-up in the ground and put the image of Mary inside. We used to jokingly call it Mary-in-the-bathtub.


The worship of images is just as wrong as the worship of an invisible god in the clouds, however. While Christians are in constant conflict over just how they are supposed to worship their god, they are all so far off the true spiritual path they are a literal joke to the people of the earth who understand the flaw.


The image of the cross has meaning to us, of course, but it is a stolen image from something that was used by the ancients as a marker, to remind us of who we are and where we came from.


That cross is a tao, or T figure that appears in ancient art and includes the front to even the great pyramids of the world. It symbolizes the twin serpents, twisting around each other, which in turn is symbolic of the helix, or the human DNA coil.


The ancients used the image as a reminder that humans are very different from all of the other creatures of the world. We are children of Lucifer, who came to earth and planted his DNA in the humanoid, thus creating humans.


We were to use this image as a reminder so that we never forgot who we were. Instead, we turned the T into a cross, and turned it into an object of worship.


How stupid can we get.


And the Catholics have a religious leader called a Pope, who they believe is a man elevated almost to the level of a deity that can talk directly to God, who instructs all of us to hang images of crosses with a dead Jesus hanging on them in public buildings so “God is present.”


As if public workers should get on their knees and worship the image as they pass.


What scares us is that there are enough Christian believers in the United States that they have elected representatives of themselves to run our governments and courts, thus they are setting the law of the land. Some of them might just try to do this.


Their views are so radically restrictive to natural human freedoms that there is a real threat of their taking away all of the things that used to make America a great place to live.


We fear the pendulum will swing very far to the right before the masses get tired of all this foolishness and react with a radical swing to the left.


Either way, our nation and our way of life is radically out of balance. And the result of that is bound to be severity in chaos. These are dangerous times and our nation may not survive what is coming.


Pope Benedict, a former Nazi on his knees to Jesus, is an epitome of contemporary imbalance. Thus if there is such a thing evil in the world, he depicts it. The man is so pious, yet he hasn’t a clue as to what he is doing or the effect he is having on the masses of a dying world.

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