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Monsanto Is Destroying The Earth’s Pre-Biotic Chemistry


By James Donahue

August 2005


If there is one evil corporation operating on this planet that supersedes all others, it has to be the Monsanto Corporation. This company, a forerunner in the development of genetically modified seeds for farm crops, has managed within a few short years to pollute the world’s plant kingdom with genetically altered and sterile seeds that have all but destroyed the natural pre-biotic chemistry of the planet.


Monsanto’s newest project has involved the genetic manipulation of the animals that we raise for food, which is another story in itself.


Just the alterations companies like Monsanto have made to plants is a very big deal. They mean that for the first time since creation, the Earth no longer has the ability to restock itself with life in the event of catastrophic events that bring about major life extinctions.


There is significant scientific evidence that there have been several extinctions in the distant past, the most noticeable one causing the death of the dinosaurs. Yet the planet continues to teem with life.


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue says all people with an ability to glimpse images of the future share a common vision. They all see a few people existing on a barren grass-covered planet without trees. Consequently, they live under the ground because they lack the wood to build structures above ground.


Donahue says he believes this is a vision not of the future, but of the distant past, and that Lucifer, the human progenitor, may send the DNA of a select number of humans and send us back into the bodies of unborn humanoid children living on the planet at the end of the Cretaceous period, following the last major extinction that swept the Earth.


Readers of this site understand that Donahue’s Luciferian vision depicts an alien race that visits the Earth at this time and altering the DNA of the humanoid animals, eventually creating the first members of the human race. He believes it takes three generations to complete this involved shift from animal, bound by the natural laws of the environment, to thinking, bicameral-brained humans.


That the planet was filled with life forms at the end of the Cretaceous period, lasting from 144 million to 65 million years ago, suggests that the Mother Earth was busy regenerating the many life forms that eventually filled the planet. Trees came later, as did many of the other types of animals.


If Donahue is right, we were there at the beginning. And if the story of Noah is based on a real event, there may have been a human race in existence even before the mass extinctions, and that the DNA of a remnant of that race was also carried through time by Luciferian technology. Only in that case, the DNA was brought forward and planted in the humanoids created by the Mother Earth.


Thus the new generation of humans will possess the cellular memories of everything that happened both before the first extinction, and all that happened prior to the extinction that looms in our future. If we get another chance, Donahue believes, we might just get it right the next time around.


The problem we have is that the future extinction is going to be so complete that Lucifer cannot carry us forward in time to start fresh, like he did with Noah.


Because of Monsanto, that pre-biotic chemistry . . . that spark from which all life on the planet is generated over eons of time . . . has been compromised. The genetically altered plants Monsanto has sold to farmers is cross pollinating with the other plants of the world, including all of the weeds and grasses. And because Monsanto gave the seed a glitch that makes the next generation of seed sterile, it cannot be used to regenerate the species. Thus everything is starting to die.


The green Earth is turning brown, not just from the heat of a warming polluted planet, but also because the seeds are dead.


Once this extinction is completed, nothing will live on the Earth again.


Lucifer gave the human race the ability to be something marvelous. Instead we made monsters out of ourselves and destroyed everything.



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