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Something Is Wrong - Girlie Men Are Everywhere!


By James Donahue

August 2005


A recent report in a London newspaper noted that surgeons are reporting a sharp rise in the number of men requesting breast-reduction operations. And there seems to be a mystery, at least among the doctors, as to its cause.


Doctors say they have noticed a doubling in the number of these operations in the past year. They say the male breasts examined are similar in structure to those of women and they are not just fat deposits caused by overeating.


The story promoted a theory by local physicians that this condition, called gynecomastia, is being caused by traces of the female contraceptive pill getting in the drinking water and meat. Hormones are used on farms to promote the growth of animals that are slaughtered for food.


The doctors are on the right track when they look for hormonal imbalance. But the cause of the problem is not what they think it is. The answer is right under their noses . . . in fact it is getting in their noses and lungs and everybody else’s noses with every breath they take, and in their bodies with every drink they take.


The culprit is xenoestrogens now polluting our environment by such a broad scale no human or animal can escape it.


The word xeno means foreign. So xenoestrogen means a foreign, or synthetic form of hormone estrogen. A study has shown at the 100,000 registered chemicals used in the world at this time have hormonal as well as toxic and carcinogenic effects on people who come in contact with them. Plastics are among the worst offenders.


Psychic and remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue said the plastics industry advertises that their product saves lives and that we all live better through chemistry. Donahue says, however: "its not a better world through chemistry and plastics are slowly killing many people."


We consume xenoestrogens every time we drink from a plastic cup, pour water or milk or juice from a plastic or plastic lined cardboard container, eat food wrapped in plastic, and eat from dishes and spoons made of plastic. Our canned processed foods are placed in plastic lined cans. Hospital IV bags, plastic water pipes, weed killers, detergents, food preservatives, skin care lotions, shampoos and a fantastic variety of other things that we use every day are putting these synthetic female hormones in our bodies.


This is why men are growing breasts. This is why we are hearing so many ads for pills that resolve “male erectile disfunction,” a problem rarely heard of in years past.


The plastics industry, which is growing all over the world as natural substances like trees, steel and rubber fail to meet world demands for building materials, is literally spewing this substance into our atmosphere through smokestacks. Xenoestrogens consequently float in tiny minute particles in the very air we breathe. The stuff is found in the water and the air everywhere in the world, even at the North Pole. We can’t escape it.


This stuff is really bad for us. It upsets the normal hormone balance in men, women, children and even animals. It robs the male sex drive, stimulates male breast development and is linked to female breast cancer. When injected into male animals it literally causes chemical castration.


The doctors in London are partly correct when they blame traces of female birth control pills that get in the water. These pills now used by women all over the world contain a synthetic form of estrogen that also classifies as a xenoestrogen. So does diethylstilbestrol, a chemical used by farmers to help livestock grow and fatten up faster for slaughter.


What can we do about this problem? Because of the way we live today, especially in “developed” nations, there seems to be no way of escaping this chemical assault on our bodies.


We can try to avoid contact with plastics as much as possible, but that is almost impossible. Even some of our clothes are made from plastic fibers. It is in our carpeting, in our homes disguised as wood and other building products, and even is mixed in our paints.


And now it is always in the air we breath and the water we drink.


We may have to get used to seeing men with breasts who can no longer have penal erections, and women without breasts because cancer forced their surgical removal. That we may all be losing our fertility is not going to be a problem because the world is so overpopulated we do not need more people anyway. That has been our problem all along.


This is just one of the many horrors we must face as we rush headlong into the self-induced extinction of the human race.

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