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That Ominous Christian Prophecy of Implanted Computer Chips


By James Donahue

Aug. 9, 2005


The technology is here and now approved by the FDA for the implantation of micro computer chips in humans for easy identification. Like dog-tags on American servicemen and women in battle, the chips can help authorities make instant identification of us where ever we go.


Many see it as a good idea now that there are so many humans, and that we are so mobile and able to get into so much mischief on any given day. Will it stave off terrorism in public transit systems?


Accident victims can be instantly identified, complete with blood type and medical history before the ambulance arrives on the scene.


Abducted or missing children can be more easily identified and traced.


Bodies can be instantly identified no matter if they come from a battlefield or an unmarked remote grave.


People can shop and make purchases in stores without worry of having their credit cards or credit numbers stolen.


We can travel freely, board airplanes, ships and buses, without being searched. Once a scanner reads our chip, the people at the boarding gate will know instantly who we are.


For honest, forthright citizens, there are a lot of advantages to being implanted with a tiny chip like that. It can be placed anywhere in the body, but for convenience it will probably be put either in the hand or somewhere on the face. It could go in the forehead for quick and easy identification everywhere.


The day will be coming soon when everybody in the world will be required to have a chip somewhere in the body or they will be in violation of international law.


It will be a great way of getting the masses under control and keeping track of anyone who steps out of line. Wanted felons can be tracked from satellites in space.


Oh… you think it is a violation of your civil rights?  You think it is an invasion of your privacy?  You think it smacks of big brother and a dictatorial government?


You say you are a Christian and you have been warned in the Bible against this so-called “mark of the beast” in the last days?


Indeed, Chapter 13 in the Book of the Revelation predicts that the beast, or antichrist, will cause “all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”


The problem with that verse is that it was produced not as a warning of what might happen if we allow it. Because of a strange Christian belief system that is actually inviting the apocalyptic end of the world, the things described in the Book of the Revelation are coming to pass before our eyes.


The fact that we have overpopulated and polluted our world, and are causing its premature death, now requires that some kind of control be placed on the human race . . . all of the more than 6 billion of us


As Luciferian psychic Aaron C. Donahue explained in a recent lecture, our failure to evolve and remember our origins, and because of what we have done to our Mother Earth, we have demonstrated that we do not deserve freedom.


This is why Donahue advocates that the United States continue to dismantle its Constitution and that the people submit to the control of government.


Donahue says the best way to avoid World War III and to preserve what is left of the planet’s resources, and to allocate those resources for the good of all, is to shift to a one-world spiritual-socialistic form of government that controls its people.


“Democracy does not work,” he said. He said the masses tend to elect leaders who represent themselves. This explains the phenomenon of George W. Bush as the elected president of the United States. This kind of government results in a decline of intelligence among the leadership.


This is why the democratic systems must be dissolved, and replaced by a one-world socialistic system, Donahue believes.


The microchip is the perfect tool for bringing about that control.


The prophet who wrote Chapter 13 of the Book of the Revelation was correct in his vision of the future. It has come to this, out of pure necessity.

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