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Pope Says The Church In America Is Dying


By James Donahue

Aug. 5, 2005


In candid remarks that he probably never expected to be published, Pope Benedict XVI recently told fellow priests in Introd, in the northern Valle d’Aosta region that he lamented a dying church throughout Europe Australia and the United States.


What the Pope had to say stands in stark contrast to the Christian propaganda that implies that Christianity is on the rise in countries all over the world, and the masses are turning their eyes to Jesus.


During what was to have been a two-hour closed door meeting, the Pope talked about the decline of the churches throughout Europe and the United States. He said he saw the West as “a world that is tired of its own culture, a world that has arrived at a time in which there’s no more evidence of the need for God, much less Christ, and in which it seems that man alone can make himself.”


He continued: “This is certainly a suffering linked, I’d say, to our time, in which generally one sees that the great churches appear to be dying.”


By contrast, Pope Benedict said there has been a “springtime of faith” throughout portions of the “developing world” or third world countries racked by poverty and ignorance. He said coupled with this growth in church numbers has been a troubling increase in young men who want to be priests.


He said this, to him, is an expression of “a certain bitterness” because he understands that because of the poverty, these would-be-priests are only looking for a better life.


“Become a priest, they become almost like a head of a tribe, they are naturally privileged and have another type of life,” he said. He warned the bishops to be attentive to discern which of these volunteers for the priesthood are sincere in their desire to serve the church.


Indeed, this new Catholic Pope is a shrewd judge of the character of man and is smart enough to understand that he has inherited an aging, outmoded religious system that should have closed its doors a long time ago.


Hampered by hard-line rules that still prohibit priests from marriage, discriminate against women, opposes birth control and makes even the act of sex a shameful sin, the church is losing followers in the more developed and educated nations.


The only reason the church has a following in the third world appears to be the extreme poverty and lack of education among the people. There many are drawn by the wealth and power of the church. And it should be no surprise that young men are seeking a piece of the gold in an effort to improve their own conditions in life.


The concept of a faith in god may have little to do with the attraction the church has on these people.


We are reminded of the response the skid-row bums have for the work of the Salvation Army workers in the larger cities of America. They come to the services because they are hungry and there is a promise of a meal and the end of every sermon.


Their being at the Salvation Army Citadel has nothing to do with a personal quest for god. These men and women who straggle in are seeking some warm food and perhaps a soft place to sleep for the night.


The homeless are struggling for survival. They don’t have time to search for spiritual truths in their lives.


So it is with the starving masses in much of the world.


Where humans have managed to pull themselves up out of the mire enough to allow time for personal reflection, they are turning to spiritual issues. And it is there that the church is dying.


There the people are experiencing a growing interest in the most ancient forms of spiritualism. It is why the Luciferian concept is becoming so popular almost overnight. Like the ancients, the Luciferians are on a quest of searching within to find the deity rather than looking outward for a non-existent god figure.


Luciferian spokesman Aaron C. Donahue said he believes the four great world religions have all outlived their time and are dying. He says an event is going to occur soon that will bring a paradigm shift in the way people think about their origins and their creator.


Donahue, a gifted psychic, says Pope Benedict is the second to the final man to sit in the Papal chair at the Vatican. The last and final Pope will bring and end to the church.

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